New review: Dunkirk 30.07.2017

Once, and then twice more after watching “memento” three “Prestige” four times “the Dark knight” five times “the Beginning” and six times “interstellar” will begin to count down the days until the new movie of Christopher Nolan. Even if the new film is a war drama “Dunkirk”.

Why “even”? That war drama is some negoianu? Of course not, silly! It is very dogar, you can instantly recall several masterpieces: “Apocalypse now,” “Platoon,” “full Metal jacket”, “Saving private Ryan”, and all this feast — so, in haste. In another case. Movies Christopher not so much, but he managed to shoot and low-budget Arthouse and expensive comic, and earthly science-fiction and space Odyssey. And almost all of his films contained some craziness, some kind of trick, some kind of loop in the mind or in space-time. Given the fact that the writers of the films of Chris is usually by himself, Chris and his brother Jonathan, we may call these foci kolanowski (eng. nolanity).

Naanovo love, in my estimation, 70 percent of the viewers hate 18. Five percent are indifferent (no heart), three percent of pretend to be indifferent (no conscience), two percent of those who have not watched (no time) and two who do not understand (well, you know who it is). For the love of kolanowski and raised my legs, concerns for the new film: will the Director cramped in a cage of real historical events? He’s not Tarantino, who slammed Hitler, and no he didn’t say a word.

It turned out that all right — Nolan feels rough under like a fish in water. And it’s not just a figure of speech: Christopher, taking his vintage film camera and operator Hoyt van Hoytema, quite literally plunged into the water and took part in the filming of the flooding. And then, hunched over in a lighted red lantern room, wet, wrinkled fingers personally glued photos of your perfect military-historical drama (but not exactly). There is no doubt that the film turned out exactly as I wanted Nolan. The idea of filming the events at Dunkirk was born 20 years ago, and finally the Director gained himself so much credibility that the American Studio Warner Bros. easy has allocated 150 million in the British war film. And the skill of Nolan no doubt even nonanomalous and nonanaplastic.

The events of may 1940, the year brought before us in a bit ragged chronology and, with four intersecting points of view: two young soldiers trying to evacuate Dunkirk; a couple officers at the pier; the father and the son leaves on a yacht off the coast of England at the call of the authorities and his heart; link fighter “Spitfire” by the Royal air force. The scene is long, dark and heavy, the wind rolls a thick yellowish foam, steel noise of the waves, the eyes under the wide-brimmed helmets look back into the sky waiting for a new RAID, a new death.

Dear Hans, dear Zimmer is not silent for a minute, only just fasten the handle in the few dialogue — howls and gnashes at the point of physical pain in the ears, maintaining a depressing, disastrous atmosphere. The explosions of bombs, the roar of plane motors and heavy metallic clatter of machine-gun bullets and even step over the threshold, forcing the viewer to flinch and giving him the opportunity to feel the low vibration in my whole body.

Among other things, Christopher Nolan criticized the excessive fascination with the construction of scenes in which people get little attention. In other words, the callousness. The cost of the pilot Cooper to cry after 20 years of separation with the children — so it’s “snot”. No tones — melanocratic very strict. In the new movie — a group of characters, which is difficult to name the main, they are all pieces on a large chess Board, no open destiny, only fragments, bits and pieces, folding into one common destiny, they are just a little more bright of face in a group photo. People “Dunkirk” die and survive mostly in silence, and even a short dying speech of one of the characters hurts the eyes. For the total external emotional stinginess clearly read internal tension, and even this scarce emotionality gets its terrible climax on the boat “Moonstone”.

In this film there are no women except for a couple nurses, dispensing tea. Not the time for snot. There are no Germans: only planes, bullets and a couple of blurry silhouettes in helmets. Invisible worst enemy, tighter compression ring. There is no nolanity, except that the point of the “Spitfire” over the boundless sea under zimarowski on something vaguely familiar. Yes, it turns out, is not only a composer, but also the operator worked with Nolan on “Interstellar”. In “Dunkirk”, almost no face of the hero of Tom hardy throughout the film closes his flight mask. Remembering Bane from “the legend”, think about it: if Nolan do not like the face of hardy, maybe he should hire someone cheaper?

This pilot (or rather, executed them in the final combat maneuver) is associated the only more or less serious historical “school”, noted expert on the Second world war, caught my neighbor in the theater. But I think the final shots is rather the symbols of the crucial role of the RAF in the Dunkirk operation, after all, in the short film Nolan how much time they neither take — all will not be enough. If so, historical accuracy can be considered pristine, but “Messer”, “heinkels”, “Junkers”, the destroyers and soldiers ‘ uniforms — authentic (and, incidentally, filmed live, with no computer graphics, if anybody cares).

A movie about the heroism of every fool to remove can. You make a movie about the military defeat, find and show heroes during the retreat. How long has the army to save the people, even the people once to save his army. Without hymns, without fireworks, without pomp, as a debt, as if the only way to go. I think that was very good, albeit unusual for the Director of the film, a massive art sketch of an important historical event that for the Motherland is not only possible to die, but necessary to survive. My favorite kolanowski work, it will not, I expect Christopher is a little different. Nothing, wait, and thanks for the “Dunkerque”.

New review: Dunkirk 30.07.2017

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