New review: Dunkirk 30.07.2017

One of the greatest filmmakers of our time revealed to the world his tenth anniversary work, specially for which have worked personally to write the script. Before the premiere of “Dunkirk” Nolan’s already had an incredible amount of credibility. English film Director to their small by the standards of the Director’s craft years had to plane a solid filmography. Among his achievements a lot of decent films that have received national recognition. Including the acclaimed “Inception”, “interstellar”, and the trilogy of Batman. Therefore, a new project showed a genuine interest.

In the professional career of many filmmakers, the moment comes when they turn to military issues. And it’s not a simple pattern, and a rite of passage into the category of the greatest artists. Each Director has his own view on the war. In Tarantino’s view, it was a feast of black humor and bloody madness, alternating with long conversations. And less than a year ago of the notorious Mel Gibson showed the war in biblical tones, from the point of view of the person of faith in the recent “For reasons of conscience.” Christopher, a patriot of his country, turned his face to the country’s history, removing the film chronicled on the real event during the Second world war. The theme of the new ribbon was the British evacuation of about 400 thousand people, was taken in a dense ring of encirclement by the Germans. Cut off the enemy from the rest of the world people are waiting for rescue or death. Meanwhile, the vise is compressed more and more.

Quite a few seconds spent in the room to understand — “Dunkirk” is another movie the likes of which Nolan has not yet done. It is a kind of experiment for which consciously had to make some sacrifices. One of them was the plot, which it was decided to leave in favor of scale and reliability. The story was completely devoid of the notorious author’s “twist” and complexity, but it is rather not a problem of the script, and a common feature of films based on real events. The bare facts greatly oppressed the imagination, but some surprises still in store. The story of the military drama is served with slices of a typical Director, and familiar to fans of manner. The plot itself is divided into several correlated mini-stories that tell about the situation in the air, at sea and on shore, at berth, where the situation is worst.

“Dunkerque” terse movie. But this is one of those times when silence is more expressive than loud speeches. Everything you need can be read on the faces and in the eyes of the characters. Although the heroes will want to break the silence and start to talk sometimes. Those few present in the film, the dialogues are intelligently written, impeccably and simply. In each thrown the phrase a sense of doom and incomparable soldier’s grief-homesickness. Nolan shows a good share of attention to detail that make up the full picture. Sometimes it seems that the place of action chosen by the villain-destiny is very symbolic, and Nolan is unobtrusive plays the one seemingly ordinary remark, which is not easy to miss, yielding a light reverie. From a pair of three especially successful of words begins to make his way to the needles. The proximity of Dunkirk to Britain and the fact that I was surrounded by just does not get evaluated like a terrible mockery of the desperate soldiers, wistfully looking into the distance, where they will surely face. Native landscapes on the other side of the channel has teased that beckon, call to her. But some invisible supernatural power, mysterious, incomprehensible curse, the invisible soldier’s eye the enemy does not let go. Time flows away like water through my fingers, and hope for rescue is lost in a gray sandy landscapes of the port city. Nerves run high. Bullets whistle. Hear a loud crackling of metal, rattle aircraft shells explode and take one life after another. It seems it will never end What is happening on the screen accompanies a busy ticking monotonous soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, supporting the atmosphere of anxiety and expectations of a new permanent danger. It recreates the authentic atmosphere keeps control of the audience and makes a cling eyes to the screen.

Showing the horrors of war, Nolan remains true to its original style. Therefore avoids exciting look shocking with images of mutilated bodies, severed limbs, piles of corpses, rivers of blood and other fanaticism. Remember, his films have never been blatant cruelty. Even in the gloomy “Dark knight” was not the abundance of “ketchup”. However, sparing the audience the nerves of the situation, the negativity here is more than enough. People with alarming frequency depart to another world. The most terrible ways. In some nerves pass and they die by their own stupidity or because of errors, others fall victim to air strikes, and the third, the vigilance of which put to sleep the illusory sense of security, are killed in the process of moving home.

Laid Director the idea of the military drama was to show war as a national disaster and tragedy, and the people on it as clinging to life faceless creatures. There is no shadow of odium, a hint of apotheosis, nauseating moralizing, jingoism and pride. But for all that represented heroism, examples thereof are the pilots “spiderw” and civilian, responded to the call of duty on their own initiative. Very much different “Dunkirk” from traditional military paintings and it is somewhat related to disaster films. Because in a lot of exciting episodes. The people on the screen fighting, their thoughts are occupied with saving your own life. Contemplating this nightmare, you have no right to blame the desire to get out of the line of fire. Furthermore, you fully support them and wish them success. “Dunkirk” reveals the fate of different people, faced with a deadly threat. The movie tells the story about what they are (people), what are willing to save their own skins. It shows whether there are among them those who have kept humanity in this man-made hell, or all became enveloped in blind animal fear of the savages. Trying to accurately convey the condition of soldiers on the verge of death, Nolan is not sinking in psychology, but walking on the edge.

Of huge importance as the camera work, the Camera sometimes catches spectacular views. Particularly impressive shot of the air battles, they are simply breathtaking! The glare of the sun, explosions and other effects look truly unique and, most importantly, naturally.

“Dunkirk” is the most atypical for Christopher Nolan’s tape and perhaps the most controversial. Frame, in which was placed the Director working on a film based on real events, like a fetter his thought, paralyzing his ability, but if you look closely, he still manages to surprise. In this case it affects the coverage of events, message, visual quality, more than convincing acting. The question is, do you want to revise the “Dunkerque”? Because it is not so deep as the previous works of the Director, it is impossible to single out a stage of all, there are no memorable characters. In places the film is more like a story, gonzo-journalist from the scene. All right. The answer to this question will tell the time. But the film has something to catch, just be prepared that this is not the little Nolan, what we know. So…

8 out of 10

New review: Dunkirk 30.07.2017

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