New review: Dunkirk 31.07.2017

If in Russian cinema war films about the Second world war occupy a special place and issued with regularity, not allowing to slow down the propaganda machine, Hollywood similar material, though not new, but very specific. It is not a coincidence that Nolan is a long time not been able to find funding for the project: it is to invest in another disaster film (see “is supposed to be the name of the movie shown before “Dunkirk” trailer is Packed with special effects as the plane Shuvalov dogs Corgi”) entails a much lower risk, and is a much more profitable event. At least sitting behind me perky, the company was very impressed because they decided to share their excitement with the entire audience.

Reading in the network of indignation first watched “Dunkirk” audience, contrite about the fact that Nolan is not the same, I in advance of lowering the bar of our expectations that before the release of any creations of the Director is beating up at the ceiling, already prepared to be disappointed. To be disappointed but was confident because of excessive credulity of other reviewers. From the first minute you are overcome by stress and anxiety — meet your new companions for the next half hour, and they leave you a couple of times for a few seconds again to collapse more severe flow.

How much time is required to make the viewer empathize with the hero? A couple of minutes, in the case of “Dunkirk”. When duration is severely limited, you cannot waste a single minute — and now you soon find yourself in the thick of things, where nothing happens, where the soldiers stand and wait for weeks for their turn to evacuate, and with it many things happen.

From the picture, do not expect vivid images and unusual characters. Everything from the soldier to the “German” — impersonal and rather presented as a collective image. Located in Dunkirk military United hope for a miracle and the desire to survive and return home; the people of Britain — a dedicated soldier, willing to help were trapped compatriots; but the army of Germany and is only marked with enemy, to look into the face which did not succeed. It is hard to distinguish the main character of the film: everyone got equal cuccok timing. Yes, there are characters, “a little more important than everyone else”, but I bet you don’t remember their names after leaving the theater. How not to remember the names of the actors themselves (not taking into account our buddies Killian Murphy and Tom hardy, and Mark Rylance (“Spy bridge”) and “those-two-of-„War and Peace“”). “Dunkirk” is a kind of monument, an analogue of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, dressed in knoblock.

Why is the choice Harry Styles ‘ on the role of one — on role in the film remains a secret, but he completed his mission, and thus one potential experience of future viewers will now be less. A little bored thought the scene with aviation: the angle of the fuselage we have already seen a couple of years ago, “Interstellar”. But only, perhaps, with which I remained strongly disagree, so it’s jizneutverjdayuschaya phrase about the continuation of the struggle until, while “help the Old World will not come New.” Understand, without it the film Studio — and, with a swing at Oscar, American film Academy — and could be offended. And yet: why are you so, Christopher?

9 out of 10

New review: Dunkirk 31.07.2017

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