New review: echoes of the past 29.07.2017

In General, to “Twilight” Pattinson starred in excellent movies. Where went all those questions about whether he can play and what he’s an actor — is not clear. His movies at least five to the Saga of films of high artistic quality, and he’s actually plays and handles it well.

For example, this is the film “echoes of the past”. The first steps have been Given in work, in adult life, his meeting with the poet Lorca. The film was shot by the Spaniards, so the movie turned out with such a sexy touch. But I don’t think it’s a gay movie. Dali had a kind of complex on the topic of sex. And this is subtly shown in the film.

Pattinson plays, by the way, the Given. See his work, because he learned that famous outrageous facial expressions and gestures of genius. I think he spent hours in front of the mirror, in order subsequently to play such a responsible role.

Very affects the relationship between Lorca and Dali. I calmly refer to minorities, so really empathized their relationship. But in terms of history and cultural heritage is generally more abruptly any textbook. Have you written any Parking of their brilliant poetry, was Given what he became?! A milestone of cultural heritage through the lives of people, in principle, with the same emotions and feelings as everyone else mere mortals.

New review: echoes of the past 29.07.2017

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