New review: Eden lake 31.07.2016

A young couple decides to retire in a beautiful and quiet place under the symbolic title “Heavenly lake”. Jenny (Kelly Reilly) and Steve (the inimitable Michael Fassbender) the two halves of each other and genuinely happy together. The town near the place where they are going to spend the time initially seem strange to them, and the Navigator later gently warns that at the first opportunity it is necessary to turn back, but the couple, of course, not paying any attention to it and trying to enjoy their spiritual unity.

Creates offscreen lyrical melodramatic mood. Sun, lake, beautiful nature. The beach and rich colors movie images, reflecting the reality of what is happening on the screen good event. Everything seems very attractive and commonplace. But what about the “lake” would not be so much talk and discussion, debate and opinion, had it not been then the tragedy that shocked many after seeing. You can argue long, whether it was possible to avoid in the end the incident of the bloody drama. But the fact remains that for teenagers after the conflict “out of control”, there was no turning back.

Abstracting from the problems of modern society, which raises and touches the film, and talking about it entirely from the point of view of cinema, we can say that this dramatic story that unfolds before the viewer, first and foremost, brilliantly staged, stunningly played all actor’s ensemble. The play is imbued with realism and loitering on the brink of hardness and cruelty, yet in cinematic terms, not beyond the bounds of possibility.

But at the same time, despite the fact that this very line picture does not cross it in any way does not change the viewer’s perception of what he saw, which, of course, can be shocking. An important aspect of the whole picture is minimized retouch the inability of young characters to make appropriate decisions that led to the tragedy are shown. However, dipping the viewer in all this, the picture in half would not be so provocative without the brilliant directorial work, in which lies the core of its success.

Through this work the viewer feels part of the events, where you have worries and fears, where it feels a sense of resentment and anger. It is a subconscious dive on the shore of this paradisiacal place and gives the effect seen. The suspense in the picture really chic, so while browsing and there is a feeling of presenting yourself in the place of heroes, when you think how it behaved in a similar situation. The male half in this case largely analyzes the actions and deeds of Steve, and the women, of course, Jenny.

Subtly and skillfully skillfully acquainting us with the characters, James Watkins pays attention to each character individually. At the beginning of “bad events” for their fate is already really starting to worry, and during the development of the tragedy translated in full. This is a very important indicator of the Director’s work, when the connection with the perception of history and entering characters in the viewer’s brain connects so quickly, and compares himself with one of the characters in the movie, who in the first place and attack.

Analyzing what he saw, remember that “Paradise lake” had all the makings for becoming himself in the genre, but still, from a cinematic point of view without a swing at the cult and appreciated only after a video, it turned out primarily high-quality, interesting and exciting Thriller. The Thriller, which in any case is stored and the ordinary spectator and seasoned genre film fan, and not at the expense of its frankness, stiffness or those problematic raised, and masterful directing passage, thanks to which feel part of this sad story

New review: Eden lake 31.07.2016

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