New review: Edge Lights 28.09.2017

I never played the “Far Cry”, as there hasn’t been one game that has been adapted by Uwe Boll. But even as a layman (and even more so after seeing the previous films of the German and knowing his style by heart), you can easily reach the idea that this Director is the worst it turns out make the movies in the games. Once again Uwe has proved that they are able to screw any fans of gaming masterpiece, and so that the casual observer is unlikely to be satisfied.

Half an hour later viewing

“It’s boring” — that’s the most vivid emotion of the first third of the “Far Edge”. Everything that happens during this time, does not cause absolutely no emotions. The scientist takes the mutants? Okay, let’s continue. The main character, all tough, talking to someone on the ship, causing discontent among the local old-timers? Me neither cold nor hot. And anything else, in General, is not yet shown. I don’t even know how the ball could cause such indifference, appearing as if from nowhere. He, it seems, takes a scene after scene of pure automatically, you stand there, say something, you say it well, well done, cut. Til Schweiger did not save the situation, looking at the General background of the same piece of wood, like all of the acting team. Let’s see what awaits us next.

After an hour of viewing

And then everything developed a bit more cheerful, but without a spark. Desirable light out when one-on-one began to crawl quite logical questions and complaints. First, why shoot an action scene in almost total darkness without using any single technique that could diversify this stupid race? Secondly, it is of course nice, when under the pretext of “just warm” from the main characters there is something more, but here looks like just a way to extend the duration by any convenient method. No conditional (and especially unconditional) “chemistry” do not wait. Thirdly, individual comic episodes, did not in themselves funny, it would be worthwhile in principle to clean the hell out of here. Uwe is not the master of jokes, and because it attempts to bring into action something funny and polackova seem to be a measure of either protest, or desperation. You’d better work hard to make the antagonists appear more impressive and threatening, and that there are no worries from their appearance on the screen — only bitter smile.

After watching

The final third of the film recalls the occasion unintentional Comedy. Almost every scene is so ridiculous and not thought-out that you’re either rolling your eyes or laughing quietly, unable to squeeze out other emotions. To create the fierce action, the Director pushed each other from three groups of soldiers, including soldiers of all mutants, not really understanding what was happening, but not quite suitable as of killing machines, as visible to the naked eye — it’s not “the terminator”, and some pale and stupid their similarity. Trying to catch up with the drama are crowned with a mighty flop: frankly lousy acting met by a series of silent sighs — they say, well, what are you guys doing… ay-ay-ay. “Guys”, however, diligently represent full participation in the process, and only til Schweiger really fun, recklessly showing their parkour skills. In the end, the denouement leaves too simple, but quite fair — especially for the audience, for a half hour of slightly getting tired of the fast frame rates that do not cause inside no response.


The “Edge lights” is nothing more than second-rate television action movie for people who too much from life, do not need to sit down after a hard day in a comfortable chair, take a beer and a slice of pizza, to include something cheerful and stupid, and then, in modern parlance, “sticky” for half an hour in the screen “box”.

I am genuinely sorry for the fans of the game: I suspect that the source is ten times better than its film adaptation. But we know one simple truth: Uwe Boll is a unique Director because he can of any exciting story to make as movie pass, is able, if not to sleep, to piss off, and if not to piss off, laugh till you drop.

In some ways it is also a talent. That’s just completely useless.

3 out of 10

New review: Edge Lights 28.09.2017

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