New review: edge of tomorrow 02.10.2017

Film Director a budget of 180K and big stars we all expect of Michael. To sit at the table here given another chance.

The first 10 minutes of the intrigue was, then even more intrigue, the film is not boring and gives a couple of jokes. The process of learning through every death is not repeated, it shows that he remembers from the previous day and corrects errors. The characters are bound to each other, but not enough to slow down the plot. The protagonist is a professional fighter from larvae, opens the full potential of the exoskeleton, and finds “love”

The scene with the landing showed the horrors of war, disregard for the recruits and the choice of equipment manufacturer. The story could end in 15 minutes, but some requires to cancel the credits and give us more nice action and intrigue.

The film, though 90% green screen, expensive operators do not begin epilepsy and actors not overplaying/nudography, disadvantages inherent potential blockbusters do not exist and plagiarism there is not noticeable.

A must-see!

New review: edge of tomorrow 02.10.2017

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