New review: Elena 13.06.2017

I wanted to see a “Dislike”, is not found — I saw “Elena”.

Zvyagintsev’s previous films, I had conflicting feelings. “Return” I do not understand, there is a ragged ending. “Leviathan” is great, but something is missing. “Elena” — the finished Zvyagintsev’s film, though still not a masterpiece.

1) the Film is very beautiful, like “Leviathan.” Zvyagintsev takes aesthetically perfect movie, is impossible to put down. I often already in the process of watching the movie to decide whether I will watch it to the end. So here it was understood that I would watch till the end in about 20 minutes. The combination of images and music — mesmerizing and does not let go.

I don’t know how Zvyagintsev does it, but even when he takes just the unmade bed, furniture or CHP pipe — impossible to resist.

2) Meaningful all the same sadly, as with all movies Zvyagintsev. There was a sense that this is a film about dead souls — Gogol completely.

At first it may seem that a film about the great Russian social stratification, but it is not. The film could happen in any country, and certainly, social stratification is just an excuse for the Director to declare some of his complexes, his fears, his assessment of the phenomenon of man.

There is a feeling that a man as phenomenon Zvyagintsev as it is not very…

Social stratification — only the background of the film.

Here Elena and Vladimir are married, it would seem that people from very different circles. They have different education, income, level of intelligence (Vladimir even knew the word “hedonist”), but what are they? Actually they are the same in the main — they are dead souls. They share a TV.

And Elena and Vladimir are emotionally stupid animals that spend their time equally for TV, only on different channels.

Vladimir is a pure “Gentleman from San Francisco” (Bunin).

People with teeth, stomachs, members, beer bellies, but without a soul. Souls on Earth are generally too small, perhaps they are complicated to manufacture. And animals a lot. Here they go, eat, sleep, watch TV.

The fact that Vladimir is a little bit smarter, and going to the gym — doesn’t make it better.

The fact that Elena cares about their children — not brings it beyond the animal level. Children is a manifestation, again, tribal, animal in man.

In the main Elena and Vladimir are the same. They are really husband and wife — one Satan.

3) Rich and poor in the film — can be interchanged.

Here is Sasha (Chapter zakaznoi family) put on decent clothes, sat on the couch in front of Vladimir it Full HD panel — and he was quite naturally it looks. Bourgeois fit into the interior. There is no doubt that his son in the new district will find someone to fight and play football.

This is a wealthy family from the poor — Zvyagintsev’s not fundamentally different.

And Vladimir would perfectly fit into an apartment in the suburbs. And if he were in the place of Elena, there is no doubt that for the sake of his daughter, Vladimir is not something that will poison — teeth zagryzu.

4) With all characters of the movie boring and stuffy. The only fresh spot is the daughter of Vladimir. She is also nasty, but a little more beautiful and honest. Why is she in the film, did not understand. Most likely, only for furniture, as Zvyagintsev and then wanted to insert beautiful actress This.

5) the film has some hints: the downed horse, turned off the lights on “the holiday” — I do not understand them.

6) Very much Zvyagintsev works in reception, waiting for what now will happen something terrible — but nothing happens.

Expect that Elena was robbed in the train that grandson will kill that the house will burn down along with the money that the baby will climb somewhere not there — and nothing happens.

It is powerful. Think: what are they, this bunch of troglodytes — and will live a normal life? Yes, there are. And why are they not live? And it’s a rather nasty thought. Although a very beautiful film.

New review: Elena 13.06.2017

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