New review: Emergency stop 22.06.2017

Surprisingly, when the horror of class “C” are tolerable.

The main problem of the plot — his excessive slowness in the first half of the film, which is very bad for this movie. The rest is the usual story of the zombie Thriller, with characteristic advantages and disadvantages. Of course, not without the lack of answers to questions like “what do law enforcement?”, “how to survive these heroes?” It’s annoying, but not particularly frustrating.

The battle scenes are staged well, look nice, although great, of course, there’s nothing in them. Oddly enough, I liked the main character. Yes, it will appeal to the man with the wrench in the head with the words “are you all right?”. But it is not hysteria, yelling about his helplessness, even fighting back the thugs. About secondary heroes, nothing good can not say. The “bad guys” are shown on the one hand, very stereotypical characters. A “slave owner” is a surprise. Who is this man, why is it needed? It is not clear.

Of the actors performs well only Whitney Moore in the image of the heroine. To level this picture, its a very good game.

For anything serious “Emergency stop” does not apply. But as a zombie boevichok class “C” is a good film.

6 out of 10

New review: Emergency stop 22.06.2017

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