New review: epilogue 03.10.2017

How do the audience know in advance that budding filmmakers to acquire professional experience allow you to play these older actors unsupervised? It is, in fact, inhumane, even first aid is taught on mannequins…

Would come up with some special androids with the function of expressing basic emotions: joy, fear, aggression, sadness… In order of training need to program androids for the expression of emotion in accordance with the text of the script. Such tasks can be trusted to check even graduate students on a pre-approved model. The next stage of complexity is the transition from programming the symbols to the simplest of verbal instructions. But also not just so, and using vocabulary and explanations from the dictionary Ozhegov, Dahl and TSB. No “hard feelings” and “feelings of guilt” from Wikipedia, no, no!

In these reflections suggests viewing the short film “epilogue” directed by Beck, coupled with the reading of his interviews about the making of the film. And from what you see on the screen the impression that the Director and actors poke a pin in the foot, the torso, the eye, and watching what happens. And relieves. Figuratively, of course. It is unknown how he achieves such a result. Maybe he says something like: “Here, the script is written about a divorcee with a child, but you have to play the difficulties of compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley act for foreign issuers.” Or asks the actor to imagine the intention of the suicides, for example, while watering the succulents left foot without removing the Shoe. The talent Director is incomprehensible to a mere mortal.

More about the movie to write can do nothing, only add that beautiful shot of the decor of the restaurant, the winter dawn Moscow, night lights and the thin air of unexpressed feelings of the characters.

New review: epilogue 03.10.2017

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