New review: Escape 29.07.2017

About this series I heard a long time ago, but, for some reason, decided to see it only in 2016. Love intellectual movies, I guess A. K. Doyle at the time, instilled a love for it.

In fact: the First series I decided to watch at night on a Friday night. As a rule, the epilogue of the series of any series ends on the most intriguing moment, and always me, these moments are not particularly overpowered my desire to do something more important, but not in “Escape”, sat buried in the screen 5 in the morning until physically I could not continue to watch. Repeat the phrase of the majority of the reviews, but “Escape” is a series in which there is the maximum number of critical episodes per unit of time: every phrase, every gesture, every frame is relevant at this time. This series should set the reference bar for all filmmakers, no matter what genre.


1) Again, a very concentrated story

2) never thought about the wrong actor, all at the highest level.

3) If you like “deductive principle” thinking is the series for You.

4) the Writers are not afraid to withdraw from a script of leading characters, and this is a rarity in modern cinema.


1) the Creators too much overstated the bar the first season. This does not mean that other seasons are bad, not at all, but the first season they clearly do not hold.

2) Relying on clause 1, I will say that after 1 season too many sudden care, freebies, some too fantastic bodganov the main characters from the writers.

3) the Series is extended, interesting to watch, but, in fact, the plot has exhausted itself.

Result: the project is definitely worthy of attention. It is seen that the main purpose was not the financial side of the question, namely cinematic. It was after such films occurs that rare desire when you want to forget and revise again. For those who have little time, or the person itself is not a fan of the series, advise you to watch only 1 season. He is the cornerstone of the series.

Tsilas to the header during playback very often catch myself thinking, how would I do that? What I would do in his place? What would I choose? Very impressive film, it occupies a worthy place in my collection.

10 out of 10

New review: Escape 29.07.2017

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