New review: Every Sunday 31.07.2016

With a budget of $ 55 million sports drama “Every Sunday” has earned in world hire more than double. Perhaps it’s not even the jackpot, which is calculated on the producers of the picture, when appointed to the post of Director Oliver stone, Davidson rustle in the cinema with films “Platoon” (1986), “John F. Kennedy: Shots in Dallas” (1991) and “natural Born killers” (1994). Well, for film producers greed is not a Vice. But the audience, of course, was pleased with the material that was filmed on a story by Daniel Pyne, the future writer of the movie “the Price of fear” (2002) and “Fracture” (2007); and the adaptation was done unknown to anyone then John Logan, who was practically a newcomer in this field, but he later had a direct relationship to the script of the film “Gladiator (2000, 20-th place in Топ250 on CP) and “the Last samurai” (2003, 196-e a place).

In the film there is a speech about the American football team, serving at the highest level, “Miami Sharks” (the name is arbitrary, a real team called the “Miami Dolphins”). Aging coach Tony D’amato (al Pacino) loses the reins of control over athletes. Sharks suffer permanent failure, and the newly-born owner of the team Christina pagniacci (Cameron Diaz) has sold a few important players. Between her and the coach appears mutual hostility, each sees his own way out of the crisis. And then there’s the perennial leader of the “Sharks” Jack “Cap” Rooney (Dennis Quaid) is injured and instead have to put another quarterback, an unknown emergency Bimana Willie (Jamie Foxx). And suddenly Beamen begins to show a phenomenal game and the Sharks begin to win. But together with the results from Bemina appears and the “star disease” and again the problem of “Sharks” will have to allow Tony D’amato. Does he get it?

And see if he is or not, You’ll see, if you want to look worthy of the sports melodrama “Every Sunday”. You have to understand that Oliver stone and writers of the tape main bet is made on the sport, trying to uncover the secrets behind the scenes of what you have to sacrifice the entire composition: the players and the coach to porters of water. The film shows that the team is a living organism, and if something is in it “sick”, “hurt” starts the whole body. Not everyone understands this. Don’t understand that for many football is life and even a little more, but for others it’s business (there is an allusion to the heroine of Cameron Diaz). Provide not only a pronounced components of the film, but the operator to work with an editor. Individual pieces of what is happening on the field, cause a real delight, but the truth, and can cause shock. But Oliver stone once again tells everyone that it’s all an integral part of the game and without it American football not forced a lot of people go on Sunday to the stadium and vehemently shouting in support of their favorites.

Striking in its realism and the game, this time acting. Gorgeous, but at that time it was the usual thing, al Pacino. The coach represented in its form: thoughtful, wise, obsessed with his work. See him on the sidelines or listen to how he teaches his players and right to admire such a masterly, professional with a capital letter job al Pacino. Another character, the actor should record in its asset and be proud of how he played Tony D’amato. When Cameron Diaz goes to the best film Directors, we see no largemouth blonde, and a real actress, as it was in “Gangs of new York” by Martin Scorsese. It was in “Every Sunday” is in detail presented his way, though he seems and collectively, although no one became worse. Best side showed itself, Jamie Fox, who with this film has proved his claim to be considered as a good actor. Yes, and many other participants of the action are not desired to be written off in the crowd, even John C. McGinley in the role of not very nice of the journalist was great.

Recently, the screens out the sports-medical drama “the Protector”, where the hero will Smith say that he will never be able to force people not to go on Sundays to the stadium, because they crave the spectacle. And this show is ready with his sweat and blood to provide athletes, they want to be worn on the hands. But how can we achieve the result? This will show You the film “Every Sunday”. Can you not be a fan of American football, but does not recognize that a lot of shows similar to what happens in the locker room by other team sports impossible. Oliver stone wasn’t tired at the time to release a great movie and “Every Sunday” is no exception.

9 out of 10

PS: And in the finale al Pacino in your face Cameron Diaz and how juicy it will be done!

New review: Every Sunday 31.07.2016

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