New review: Evidence 31.07.2017

The detective genre is one of the most clichéd in the world cinema. Recurring motifs and patterns so much that they became the subject of numerous parodies. And if at the beginning of these ridicule found a significant response from the audience, and they become bored. English comedian Jonathan Lynn in her directorial debut found a standard solution, removing really refreshing and non-trivial picture of the “Clue”.

This is certainly amazing event. Before us is the screen adaptation of the popular Board game “Cluedo”. The basis is classic detective situation: a big house, a group of people and a mysterious murder. Furnished with all the best traditions of creativity of Agatha Christie. Thus defeating the history in an ironic vein, with lots of funny situations. But the classic parody tape call fails. Rather fits the definition of ironic detective Thriller. The result is a clever puzzle for the viewer. Guess which is not so easy. The Director not only makes fun of numerous clichés and stamps, but also bypasses them. By creating such a wonderful paradox.

Liked the tense atmosphere of the tape, made in the best traditions of the genre. The suspense I felt, but the emotional impact and subconscious anxiety was present. Most interestingly, as a combined Comedy and detective elements. Alarming situation and then diluted good and completely appropriate black humor. A surprise ending also deserves attention, as it was furnished just fine, but this is the territory of spoilers. Better not to know anything before watching. The impressions will be excellent.

For 1985, the film was very creative and really surprise the audience. But modern audiences are much harder to surprise. So I would advise to look first and foremost to fans of classic English detective stories. It is not necessary to wait for a deep dive into the psychology, it’s extremely entertaining spectacle.

Of the actors remembered the charismatic Tim Curry, in the role of Butler. How he carried out the reconstruction of the murder, deserves the highest rating. Great sense of humor. Not less successful plays and Christopher Lloyd. Of female characters the most interesting to show Lesley Ann Warren, in the image of an attractive bitch. In principle it is possible to mention every actor. Everything in its place and common cartridge does not fall out. And although all have caricatured characters, it looks quite appropriate. This is the author’s idea.

The evidence is very fascinating and unusual film. Subtle and appropriate combination of detective Thriller and parody Comedy. Famously twisted plot, unexpected twists, and the finale, make the tape an excellent option for evening viewing. Will suit both lovers of riddles and puzzles and odd comedies.

7 out of 10

New review: Evidence 31.07.2017

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