New review: Exit 06.10.2017

On 6 August 1945, the black day in the history of Japan, because that’s what happened then the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima by the American army, resulting in the deaths of more than 90 thousand people. After exactly 20 years, was born in Versailles boy, who was named Olivier. His native name was Fountain, but the boy grew up and went into creative people and like many of this circle decided to take the pseudonym. He soon became known as Olivier Megaton, which translated in French means “megaton,” as he paid tribute to the victims of Hiroshima, taking the names of physical unit of measurement of TNT equivalent.

Olivier megaton at first rotated among the artists participating in their events, particularly dedicated to newfangled trends of graffiti and fascinating more and more number of fans. But that all changed when Olivier met clipmaker Jean-Baptiste Mondino, who advised the Megaton to tie their future with the cinema. Subsequently, Olivier megaton will become a Director of the third Carrier, second and third parts of the “Hostage”, Thriller “Colombiana,” but before all that it was a debut film and it is “Exit”, released in 2000 year which was contributed by Luc Besson, which became the producer of the film (generally in the new century, it is difficult to imagine a French movie coming out without a label “EuropaCorp”, which runs Besson).

For his debut, Olivier megaton chose the psychological Thriller genre, and the script he wrote himself into a single person. Interesting fact that the real name of the Director of the Fountain, as mentioned above, a major role is played by someone named Patrick Fontana. I do not know exactly — whether they are relatives, but possible. And here’s Patrick Fountain plays a mentally ill man recently released from the hospital and sent him there after he was charged with a series of brutal murders. That is, the Mill (the so-called hero’s Fountain) in fact is a serial killer. During his stay in the asylum, the killings stopped, but as the cost to get Going, so they started a new wave. Who will be the main suspect?

But if everything was so easy in the story, Luc Besson would give their money, and so the audience prepared for an unexpected twist where the killer could be anyone, even someone did not think. In General, the viewer can play “detective on the couch.” However, I must say that not all so easy in the “Output” and the ending is likely to surprise his surprise. But what is deplorable: only the final is to watch “Exit”, everything else do is pile malosvyazannye scenes, mediocre dialogue and not very intelligible characters. In General, the inexperience of Megaton in this case blossomed riotous color.

Yes, and not at all pleasing camera work. Reason, Michelle Tabori chose the lower angle, that is, to look “way out” is offered to us as if from the floor. This is very annoying, because you feel full actors. static is Likely that megaton would further exaggerate and picked up together with the masters of lighting glare darkened area, as if transmission constraints to action heroes like they are in a prison cell. This attempt to give the film a claustrophobic character is not successful, all too dark, dirty, disgusting and depressing. Well, about the actors of the game talking too much will not, because, basically, were taken by unknown artists and to Express themselves to someone in the “Output” was not necessary.

Almost without doubt put the debut film by Olivier Megaton the average rating and neutral type reviews. But we must understand that this is achieved only thanks to a truly unexpected finale.

5 out of 10

New review: Exit 06.10.2017

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