New review: Exit 27.07.2017

Such a slogan it seems to me appropriate to this film.

Was yesterday at the premiere. I liked: a good and entertaining film, like other works of Anton — see “the Story of basera”, “Bridge to nowhere”.

“EXIT*” — can be considered a full-length development of the theme.

I like that the film has a story, a narrative with a “brand” in a calm voice overs. This is a story about base jumping from the faces of base jumpers, no bills, practically.

The Creator and Director of leaping himself, repeatedly going surgeons cogs and… continued to eat a cactus=), i.e., to climb and jump. That’s how people.

The downside is that the film is a documentary: it is difficult to guess what it would look like a man, not Bouncing. But those who thought or dreamed to make a parachute jump — just like.

He is also plus: the film is a documentary and it’s real reality, and not acting and scenario formulation.

Pleasant viewing!

*(Exit — exit point with which the jumping base jumper-the jumper.)

New review: Exit 27.07.2017

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