New review: Explosive blonde 01.08.2017

As soon as I saw the first trailer for this movie, I immediately realized that I must see this movie on the big screen. And now the day has come, I stuck the eyes to the screen, and the following two hours just flew away from my life. Delight, laughter, tension, visual enjoyment… it’s not all that has caused me this movie. I haven’t watched a really good spy Thriller with great humor, colorful characters, freaky soundtrack and wild action.

The film plunges us into the world of espionage since the end of the Cold war. The script, of course, not enough depth of study. It’s the only thing I can say bad about the film. But despite this, the film is very interesting and dynamic. Miss the audience is clearly once, then you car chases, shootouts, fights. And everything is fine installed and removed. I especially want to mention the staging of hand to hand combat. Direct especially the fight scene in the hallway, this is a direct reference action. I consider this scene one of the best and holding in suspense of the action scenes in the movies over the last few years for sure. Another big advantage is relevant and high-quality humor.

The main characters are wonderful. The heroine Charlize Theron is a my favorite archetype of women. Strong, bold, beautiful — she’s a real professional in his field. And it works, neither more nor less than an agent of MI6. Her mission is to find the list of foreign agents in East Germany, before he gets to the KGB. To help in this difficult matter she is a charismatic character James McAvoy, walking around in police coats on top of the shirt. Also present on the screen , Eddie Marsan, John Goodman, Toby Jones , and Sofia Boutella. Needless to say, playing all wonderful.

The soundtrack is not only amazing by itself, but it also skillfully inserted into the film. The only thing that is a shame that the film did not have songs of Queen and the Eurythmicssounded in the trailers.

And, of course, very pleased with the attention of the creators to detail. That is, for example Lada and Muscovites and the Volga on the streets of the GDR. Screening of Tarkovsky’s film “Stalker” in the same theater in the GDR, and the like. And, I think, easy banter over the entire Bond. Only here the main character gushing is not diluted by the vermouth vodka, and the most common, only with ice. And Yes, the hot girl in your bed she will be laid to the great delight of men and some women. However, unlike James Bond movies, realism became more. For example, in the film “Die another day” bond alone shall the whole company of soldiers of the DPRK, not even crumpled suit. Here is the main character barely overcomes several of the KGB agents, while barely staying on his feet. Well, or just the Americans are so low opinion of the fighting qualities of the soldiers of the DPRK, or on the contrary very high opinion about the level of training of KGB agents.

Total film is wonderful. In my opinion this film is only slightly falls short of the maximum rating.

9 out of 10

New review: Explosive blonde 01.08.2017

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