New review: Explosive blonde 01.08.2017

Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) is a secret agent in the service of the British crown. It is certainly one of the best agents, so it is sent on a difficult mission in the wall divided Berlin, where she has to get the secret list of agents before he got to Russian, and to help her appointed agent David Percival (James McAvoy), who have long been operating in Berlin. Arriving in Germany, agent Broughton will fight dangerous world of men who are ready to kill her at the first opportunity. But the fragile, at first sight, the blonde just won’t give up and will be able to stand up for themselves.

David Litch has created a very stylish and atmospheric spy Thriller. Being a stuntman, he filled his film different action scenes with fights, chases and gunfights. The plot is very intricate, therefore it is necessary to look, without distraction.

The atmosphere is divided cold war Berlin is also done very efficiently. The whole movie is pretty dark, sometimes illuminated by neon signs and lights of night clubs. In the picture sounds cool, are well known to all music, but treated in an entirely new way.

The Central figure is a brilliant Charlize Theron who is not afraid to experiment with images. The way Lorraine Broughton — another colorful character in her acting kitty. It attracts the viewer, it attracts and absorbs. The career of James McAvoy, too, is rising, another great role after the notorious “split”. I liked the young actress Sofia Boutella — star of the new “Mummy”, here she’s much prettier without makeup. Career Skarsgard bill is also gaining momentum, the youngest son not far behind the famous father and brothers, especially as we will soon see him in the role Pennywise in “It”. It was nice to see in episodes of such famous actors as John Goodman, til Schweiger and Eddie Marsan.

“The explosive blonde” is a powerful modern action movie with cool special effects and a confusing plot. Based on a comic book, it is designed in a simple style. (Ratings of the picture, in my opinion, very low. Really if starring a woman, men who watch most of the fighters and the heroic movie, discount the rating?!) A brilliant film of this genre, after watching that long remember his episodes. I advise everyone to go to the movies and watch!

8 out of 10

New review: Explosive blonde 01.08.2017

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