New review: Explosive blonde 01.08.2017

It turned out quite a controversial movie. Mostly due to wrong positioning. Here, as in the case of the latest planet of the Apes advertisers decided to deceive the viewer, but this time it can play a cruel joke. But more on that below. So, Atomic Blonde.

1989. The Berlin wall is about to fall. MI6 agent Lorraine sent to Berlin to recover a stolen list of undercover agents.

Probably the most controversial issue is the plot. He put it mildly, over-engineered. Initially developed in the principle as standard, but with half the plot begins to twist wildly, there are new variables in the equation, and in the end it turns into something unintelligible. In the end my friends had to say one simple thing: “We are confused and don’t understand.” And even when after the fact I figured out the plot, it turned out that the plot is not bad, but by the willingness at the end to insert plot-twist (by the way also very good) the previous event not together, generating not to join. To even closing eyes on this, in principle, the plot is good. Kurt Jonstad wrote a good spy Thriller, which spoils other very controversial point — Positioning. As I mentioned in the beginning, advertisers all thrillers have positioned the film as a female version of “John Wick” so to speak “Jane Weekend”. In all the trailers showed the bottom-hole shooter to the fun tracks, and this, coupled with the style was catchy and pulled to the cinema. In fact, all the action scenes were ispolenie in the trailers. They are only 3-4 in the whole movie. And that’s all. That is also, as in the case of “War for the planet of the apes”, the creators of the trailers lied to the audience. But if in the case of “War” this decision was justified and was good; in the case of “blonde” that could play against the film, because many visitors to the movie, let’s be honest, will go only because the film is from the Director of “John Wick” and the trailer shows us the “Jane Weekend” be cool and Groovy. It is in any case not a bad thing, but a pretty controversial moment.

The acting is great. Charlize Theron is gorgeous. To look at her one pleasure, and she’s right, said Sofia Boutella, SILF (Spy I’d Like to Fuck), right, as she Boutella, which is also gorgeous. They have Charlize chic right chemistry, “in joint scenes” between them, you’re just willing to stand up and shout 10 out of 10. James McAvoy just escaped from the movie “Dirt”. And that’s cool, James are crazy characters come back. There is in the film, Toby Jones, John Goodman, til Schweiger, Eddie Marsan and bill Skarsgard (waiting for It), but they are few, and so little about them that can be said.

Technically the film is made at the highest level. Though the action scenes and few, but they are placed second as well, but 10 minute action scene shot in one take just my respect, but when during the last fight in the background playing “Fastidious Horses” by Vladimir Vysotsky, you’re just willing to applaud. The camera work is great and I can’t believe this same man, Jonathan SELA, so lousy have directed the fifth die Hard (probably still the Director screwed up). Also the film is very stylish, and visually all this neon, graffiti, and music. Score soundtrack is so-so, but matched just godlike OST: Bowie, Queen, Depeche Mode, I Ran, Yes, even the same Vysotsky simply caress the ear avid cinephile.

Disadvantages are also present. The largest is the cranberry. Of course, not so repulsed, that all go to the earflaps and thumps vodyaru, but it is there, and the KGB in the ambush plays Tetris. And of course phrases like, commies, Communist scum also available, but I basically with all this neutral, so I was not offended, rather I laughed. And for me all the same minus a small amount of action. But here the situation that I described above. Deceived expectations.

At the end do a very controversial film, which language does not turn bad. No, it is in any case not a bad movie with the worst plot, with great actors, with the divine Otom and excellent staging of the fights, which is not enough. It’s not “Jane Weekend”, it’s more of a spy trailer in the style of John Le carré. I don’t regret that I went to the cinema, but I expected more.

7 out of 10

New review: Explosive blonde 01.08.2017

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