New review: Explosive blonde 28.07.2017

Now I think to see a spy film in its pure form was simply impossible, and even if it is nostalgic — it is absolutely accurate. Now in the movie has a lot of irony, each trying to be in the style, and more to be like everyone else, but different. I do not think that “the Explosive blonde” highly original or very interesting: no. This is a beautiful film with a beautiful actress in the lead role for one night. Another film in a series of many. He does not cling no plot, no style.

It was obvious that “Blonde” is a benefit performance of Charlize Theron. It is really good: her character sometimes produces unexpected emotions, and play this actress has almost only eyes, as the spy is not supposed to be sensitive. However, Lorraine is in General character very formulaic and quite boring. She’s beautiful, dangerous, intelligent, cool. The only thing it is is original, as the only thing in this film is original in that she’s not invulnerable. Not so easy given the heroine fights with men much more she and her lovely face appear, and bruising and scratches.

If Charlize Theron in this film was not surprised, here’s James McAvoy, who plays a very “muddy” type — on the contrary. This wonderful actor has many times proved its ability to become anyone, and that showed us again a stunning level of acting. His character is almost the most interesting character in the entire story, such that it is clear only that nothing is clear. Here there are emotions, there is originality. I think we have a man close to a mental disorder existing in this border state and receives from him some pleasure. To believe it impossible, but I think this hero himself is not inclined to trust.

About the plot in this movie say almost nothing, because the story is quite boring and banal. There is conventionally the main goal, but in the process of development of all the characters without exception, often about this goal forget, being carried away by extraneous things. Characters often act in completely incomprehensible and illogical, often stupid. They always go to the same places, communicate with the same people, so it gives the impression not of the tangled skein, and just a small town that there where just not too many options. It’s weird. In my opinion, the story sags badly with spy point of view. Each new step is Lorraine does not give a clue to the next, is not a “hook”, and occurs almost randomly and chaotically. Sometimes generally the impression that the heroine is just out looking for trouble for trouble, and it is not clear from what is happening, what the character learns. However, the strange actions make everything. More or less something falls into place in the final, but the absence of even a hint can not compensate for the finals.

The “human” line for Lorraine selected unexpected and even provocative, and the role of the provocateur here, the heroine Sofia Boutella. Another surprise: this fatal beauty can be very cute and defenseless. However, this particular line of development has added only a modicum of originality, and character Butelli raises many questions in terms of need of their presence. Her character, despite a few interesting scenes, rather — “puff” than the fireworks.

As stated at the very beginning of the film, the film is absolutely not about the fall of the Berlin wall. It is absolutely true. Those events — not even the background of the story, it’s…just events. They do not help not stylistically, or in semantic terms. Story is easy to transfer anywhere and at any time — nothing will change. And since events are not used, and the selection of time and place here is completely unjustified. So, to be witty.

The battle, chase did not like here. I wrote above that Lorraine is not invulnerable. That fight delivered in a glossy Hollywood style, with a touch of realism, that is, the characters really tired to fight, nobody’s a superhero, and everyone can die in the next moment. It would be insanely cool if the style was different, maybe more serious. But in the surface the spy Thriller about the blonde spy’s logical to see the traditional fight-dance: structured, clear and beautiful.

And here it is not clear who the bad: no global villain, everyone has some permanent problems. As the Russian villains? No… Well, there is no antagonist, nothing can be done.

The ending is really unexpected, nothing to it fails, no hints. Beautiful, interesting, pays for the partial emptiness of the picture. But this is not enough. For this final you need a story that the viewer wanted to see the finals more than the final credits. And here is the story, kept in suspense, do not, and with the history of the problem. Here is the final and it turns out the big opening of big secret that nobody wants.

The style was not very clean. On the one hand, the active and attracting (or distracting?) attention to the soundtrack, which requires matching what is happening on the screen. On the other, style no. There is Berlin, which seems surprisingly featureless, there’s the main character and the cool of her hair. But the heroine if not quite style, her outfits are too variegated. Dialogues, actions, registration of premises — all the diverse, unreasonably different, and why is it so, and in another place — otherwise, is also not justified. The building itself is also not in the same style: such a doll like Lorraine, in the stylish Thriller would have crumbled all in the sausage, and we cannot, and indeed she kind of does that perfect, but in reality — no. Humor, again, no, but this raznovich, the combination of incongruous require at least some discharge. The absence of equilibrium, the uncertainty of orientation — a lot of problems.

For the film for one night is very good, but it’s not a new word in the genre, it is generally below average. What is wanted is not received, it turned out something between a spy story and a nostalgic Thriller, and even with style all the trouble. Basically, this movie is quite possible to miss.

5 out of 10

New review: Explosive blonde 28.07.2017

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