New review: Explosive blonde 28.07.2017

I’m not a fan of spy movie. I absolutely did not like the movie “Allies”, even though the names of brad pitt and Robert Zemeckis in the credits, unable to shower me with stones, but “Agents of A. N. K. L.” just not impressed, although the guy Ritchie one of the most favorite Directors. So, frankly, for the premiere of the film “the Explosive blonde” I went with a very skeptical attitude. BUT! The level of violence, atmosphere of old Berlin, megacalorie characters and of course the gorgeous Charlize Theron from the first minutes were given to understand that the picture turned out good.

… The end of the 80-ies of XX century. The Berlin wall was coming to an end and, accordingly, the cold war too. But the long-awaited peace under threat because of a missing document about all secret spies around the world bearing the code name “List”. For his research in Berlin is British intelligence agent Lorraine Broughton, and, failing to get off the plane, into the whirlpool of intrigue and violent clashes.

The Director of the new spy Thriller was the author of the acclaimed novels “John Wick,” David Litch. And if you watched the previous movie of the author, not by hearsay know how the action scenes in his films, details how he tell about the world we invite, and why, in the end, his films get an R rating (18+ in other words). All the actors are playing at the highest level. And what can you expect from such stars as James McAvoy, Charlize Theron, til Schweiger and is rapidly gaining popularity Sofia Boutella. BUT! The palm in the struggle for the largest contribution to the coolness “the Explosive blonde” divide operator Jonathan SELA composer Tyler Bates. Few people pay attention to the names of the people involved in the technical aspects of the film, however, in the case of “the Explosive blonde”, I want to stay a little bit more.

Great views of Berlin, not the best of times for him, very cool insert slow-mo at the right moments pretty epic fights look very impressive. Visuals very helpful and always moderately diluted excellent music. The film, which are songs of Depeche Mode and Queen, obviously can’t be that bad, well, if it is not a Russian Comedy of course. And you know, I watched a lot of movies of different genres, and fighters in particular, however, “the Explosive blonde” was the first action scene, excellently done by all the rules and canons of fighters Hollywood accompanied by the song of Vladimir Vysotsky! And it could not fail to bring a smile and a very warm emotions. BUT! All of this pales in comparison with the 15-minute rescue scene one of the characters, which made installation without gluing, with constant movement, fighting, shooting, trying to bandage the wound; a scene taking place on different floors of the building and smoothly flowing into the street and develops into a pursuit. And this, remember, shot one shot! When about 2 minutes of this action I realized what was happening and how great it made… Bravo to the creators and the operator in particular!

“The explosive blonde” is a great, cool action, which I am sure will take its place in the genre of spy Thriller. This movie is not worth to take the children and especially impressionable individuals to see it I would not recommend it. BUT! Anyone who likes movies with an adult rating, who like beautiful women, bloody clashes and simply stylish movie, I highly recommend to visit the cinema, will not be disappointed!

PS I Personally the main intrigue is not solved…

New review: Explosive blonde 28.07.2017

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