New review: Explosive blonde 28.07.2017

Shot pretty good, although almost no sugar. I’m about otvyaznosti, sarcasm, irony and humor: they are extremely small. But in those places where they are at “the Explosive blonde” still broke out, honestly, I wanted to applaud — so good came out…

A few phrases of the characters even though now vyseky on the stone. For this — long live the writers. But with multi-layered storylines they are a little flawed. Or rather, too clever by half, attributing the world’s intelligence too sophisticated brutal chiropodist, alternating with some blockhead, literally forcing them to get into placed opponents traps. A majority of mandatum agents (Stasi, MI6, KGB) — a striking fragility that, when a hefty weight, numerical and weapons superiority never allowed them to handle one skinny blonde. What would a superhuman girl was not in his head involuntarily climbs question: they are all cops and agents that — through the ad typed? But still nice to watch, as obvious grace used no less obvious masculinity. Is this something laughing…

Amused how many avtobazovskaya machines in this movie crumbled in the chase to Berlin and how the heroine Theron seemed to have aimed to kill or maim (studs, electric range, corkscrews and other grass instruments) as much as possible guys. Although it may be asked, given that she didn’t run off, even where it was possible to run away and not fight, and shown in the movie demonstration of the fact that without men the girl’s evening may well emerge.

In General, the whole movie is trying to give bond, Charlize is beautiful and, of course, great subjects performances McAvoy. They are here as a two-tier cake for cupcake, which from all sides to stick berries, nuts, the different cream is I do the rest of the acting ensemble. In this case, if she was in a very serious way — as if she was a spy-beautiful, drags himself all the pain of this world, his character is so much more difficult — if he spits at all, and sincerely and fervently believe that someday you will grab the junk of who created the world.

P. S. the Soundtrack is great — cheerful, colorful and life-affirming.

New review: Explosive blonde 28.07.2017

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