New review: Explosive blonde 28.07.2017

Can’t say that the film has impressed me a lot. I was expecting something similar to the “Cops in skirts” or “red”, and was in fact with the intention to watch a movie in my favorite genre — Thriller. Easy one where a lot of fights and super-agent girl want to be like. She’s really cool and sooo beautiful dresses. Seriously, all of her black and white dress I almost like the designer and the principle that the artist is incredibly much from an aesthetic point of view.

From this side the film is really good — it’s all done in his style, gray-blue then black and white, all the backgrounds and clothing are combined with each other and with the hair of the actress. It’s really nice perceived, because it looks like a beautiful picture.

Now about the story. Well, I don’t really understand, honestly. But I do not need it retelling, but only opinion? So. The plot is complicated. There is clearly somewhere there is a deep sense, is the story of the wall in Berlin and mnojestvom spies, traitors and agents. I think the story may well be of interest, although in front of me in the room (almost empty, by the way, what surprised me) the man really was asleep. But it may be the man.

Now about the actors. I went to look at McAvoy. It did not disappoint me, but not impressed. He’s not cooler than Kevin of the “split”, it’s not Wesley from “wanted” and certainly not steeper Rory from “Inside I’m dancing”. But I have no complaints. James just got not too complicated (for him) role. But the suffering in certain scenes he plays very “makenoise”, that is, its a shame (well me personally), though it should not.

Charlize plays well, but it’s not very hard to play an impossibly cool woman agent-a cold-blooded killer. Well the truth is, it is not very interesting. But a fight with her look dignity, and her I am not finding fault, just the character a little klishirovannyh and simple. And the line of her love with devushki was, in my opinion, rather pointless. Sufferings and experiences were not disclosed, although maybe I’m just indifferent to lesbians (but if in their place was two gay men…), and the special chemistry between the characters is not.

But I really don’t find fault with anyone’s game.

So, the film is beautiful. Very. The picture on the screen is pleasing to the eye, a perfect combination of colors, clothes, smoke cigarettes — like the comics, that’s kind of like well, it worked. The plot is not bad, but not too impressive. The main character is pretentious and banal, but not annoying and not angry, so while watching not bothered, then realize that the new fact did not see. McAvoy plays well. I would describe a little more, but not spoil, but it touched me just in the moment, which would be good to describe, but I will not. Simple — he plays well as the rest of the actors in the film.

So, the story is normal; acting good; the characters are banal, but not enraged; from an aesthetic point of view, the film is just unreal gorgeous, I mean beautiful and pleasing to the eye, I particularly noted.

Well that’s all, perhaps. This is an amazingly beautiful picture, but otherwise I expected more, but not much regret the view

New review: Explosive blonde 28.07.2017

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