New review: Explosive blonde 28.07.2017

I am very pleased with the number of films about women lately. Be it action, pseudo-documentary or just a romantic melodrama, we often see women in the lead roles. Not men with women, not even a couple, not a woman among men, but simply independent woman. Therefore, the release of “the Explosive blonde” I was waiting for from the very first a single trailer.

Lorraine (Charlize Theron) is a secret agent of British intelligence is sexy, bold, strong and blonde. She is sent on an important mission to Berlin — get important documents ahead of your competitors. Her scheduled partner will be David (James McAvoy), and unplanned assistant (imagine a movie without the typical love line agents on the job!) beautiful Dolphin — the agent of French intelligence (Sofia Boutella).

To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of spy movies, but liked this. Beautiful, unexpected, and dynamic. Lorraine was a mixture and continuation of the already known to us dangerous blondes: appearance and style (and hairstyle) of Elvira from “Scarface”, sexuality and grace Catherine from “Basic instinct”, the profession name and, ahem, the orientation of Laura from “Femme fatale” — the perfect combination, I fell in love almost immediately.

Very nice movie. Even better than I expected. And I would also add the score for the soundtrack: Depeche Mode, Bowie, Queen and Kanye for dessert. Very cool. Very nice. Very atomic.

P. S. And if that was one, but the downside for me was the types of modern Berlin. Who’s there never was, probably, do not pay attention, but when we go there very often, it is impossible not to notice the buildings on the background of fights and vintage cars.

New review: Explosive blonde 28.07.2017

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