New review: Explosive blonde 29.07.2017

Cinematic stagnation the summer of 2017 was just a necessary cultural act of terrorism — all these countless restarts and continuations, comics for children and questionable horror pretty tired audience. Even the new creation of Nolan failed to properly stir up the surface of this swamp. “The explosive blonde” to the release considered only as a female version of “John Wick”, which has twice earned the applause. The greater surprise when, at the end of July, you see strong, stylish, luscious, dangerous, post-modern movie.

The plot of the film “the Explosive blonde” follows the novel Anthony Johnstad. Berlin 1989, fall of the Berlin wall. List of Western secret agents lost in foreign territories, and for him hunt the secret services of the Soviet Union, the United States and the West. The main character Lorraine Broughton — agent of the British “MI6”, she directed senior management to the city for destruction, the brutal spy organization, which for unknown reasons has eliminated undercover agent. And now, she has to figure out who to trust and who not. Looking ahead, I want to say, what to believe here nobody.

In the end, the film’s genre is a mixture of “salt,” “John Wick” and the works of guy Ritchie. The Director squeezed the maximum out of ourselves, the actions do not stop for a second, the plot twists so much that no one read the original novel won’t catch the half of them. Scenes with fights staged at such a high level that the realism of what is happening on the screen just rolls. Why not just beat Charlize Theron! In fact, beat her and corkscrew handles all that shooting, knives, chair legs, lamps, her back, the walls are breached and converted a couple of flights of stairs. Although she is indebted to the offenders left: it spreads police regular watering hose, then knock out the enemy last breath a heavy tape recorder with a tape of Vladimir Vysotsky. This extraordinary mixture of adrenaline, full of beautiful shots of great actors, composers and musicians. The main thing — not one at a time.

In “John Wick” is often included musical accompaniment, but “the Explosive blonde” it surpassed. Here the hits of the 80’s work every 10 minutes! Playing everything from Depeche Mode and ending Vysotsky. You need to recognize that good retro music cool effect on the brain, lifting your mood. Even funny that Americans are only now beginning to make music fighters when our Balabanov did it 20 years ago… His “Brother” and “Brother 2” went on the songs first, and then to the rest. Now the Americans do the same thing, using the popular hits of yesteryear, around which is built the whole scenario.

“The explosive blonde” is in domestic cars, the inscriptions on the posters with the name of Stalin, the movie poster of “Stalker” Tarkovsky, vodka “Stolichnaya” and old black-and-white monitors on which someone plays Tetris, but it’s just a pretty picture, which is not so much sense. Which is a pity. Overall, beautiful, nostalgic and even safely.

The fight scenes are stunning, although this has long been possible to see Korean action movies, like “Man from nowhere”, when the heroes fight long and exhausting to the last drop of blood, and the enemies don’t die until they kill a few times. Even the key is stuck in the cheek, or a knife inserted in the back, can not guarantee that the villain will no longer resist. Some episodes last for a few minutes in one shot, which gives the scene realism and incredible violence. Camera spinning in all directions, not missing any detail, and computer graphics even unnoticed.

The main role went to Charlize Theron who, in his own assurances, preparing for it for several years, practiced martial arts and earned them an honorary belt. The physical form of 41-year-old actress really is in order — this could be seen earlier in the example Furiosi of “Mad max”. The actress says that she has become much kinder after the adoption of a child, but rage, which she demonstrates on the screen looks so real that it becomes scary, for example, paparazzi. The role of strong women are her and because of deeply personal circumstances. However, in the film David Litch actress creates a versatile way that it can be described this banal phrase.

“The explosive blonde”, of course, will be one of the most talked about film of the year: for style, courage and deliberate ignoring of some laws of the genre and of political correctness. Charlize Theron also playfully kicking everything that made kick. This is her time.

9 out of 10

New review: Explosive blonde 29.07.2017

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