New review: Explosive blonde 29.07.2017

I don’t like half-measures. But half-measures in the movies so I hate it.

“Blonde” as Kingsman, which has millions of fans durnovkusie (about this I will explain later), based on the comic book.

The comic which is a parody of novels about super spies, or mocks them. And seriously it is not worth it, but as a parody, he is weak. So the authors had originally set himself an impossible task.

Here, for example, “Deadpool” and “Guardians of the galaxy” at the same time, and notably abstemious and ironic concept of the comic character, this is a competent action game, fights and all the attributes of competent attraction.

And here I took banal cliches: cold war, defectors, blah blah blah and happy end! Even though the characters and the ugly (censored), but it is our (censored)! Originally eerily. Fights and action scenes are very primitive and put out of hand is disgusting. And the episode when comrade crashed Mercedes in the beginning of the film reminded me of the game, spit on the laws of physics. Yes komiksno, easy-going, but not running.

The only difference from many about-spy Thriller — the heroine is a girl a 18+ rating and a lesbian scene. Vomit-inducing. No, I’m not a prude and not Milonov! But you can also shoot beautifully, and came out as in cheap porn. And Butel is just the fear of the Lord. I do not understand that there are not only the producers (although they clearly showed my beautiful eyes), but also the audience!

This antisexuality 80go level! But that’s not what upset the most.

With the soundtrack work is also disgusting. Yeah Under pressure in a subject. But Major Tom never! Light composition in driving the episode is not serious gentlemen!

And actually, the cranberry. Well, it is clear that once again sabriel the Ghost of the Cold war. But all these earflaps, vampires from the East, and about the scene with the interrogation of dissidents do not say anything. It’s stupid and primitive. I thought I had it all 100 times obsenely and photographed, but no. Sad.

5 out of 10

Only Theron! And Yes, her ass)

And the rest of the floor.

Under-Kinomax, under-the spy film.

New review: Explosive blonde 29.07.2017

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