New review: Explosive blonde 30.07.2017

In my field of vision film “the Explosive blonde” came relatively recently, in principle, I rarely go to the cinema on the militants, but by this movie with my favorite actors Charlize Theron and James Macavoy could not pass. Before us the story of MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton, who goes to Berlin on the eve of the fall of the Berlin wall. Her goal is to find a list of names with secret spies and she comes to help David Percival is working undercover in Berlin…

First of all, I want to note on well-choreographed fights, shootouts, car chases, very pleased with the camera work, one of the highlights of what is happening in the movie scene with the rescue of one of the characters filmed one plan I have thought that not Emmanuel Lubezki Lee had a hand (amazing filming such scenes), but no operator Jonathan SELA — pleased.

I liked the atmosphere of the 80-ies, the songs of those times did the trick, it’s a delight for my ears throughout the film was provided. And in General, the attributes of the time machine, machinery, fashion, when there were no super gadgets, here the characters can hope only on yourself, your skills, your mind, and just your fists, here’s a really tough heroes are fighting a life and death and how it happens in other movies about spies, they don’t come out of situations to clean and minor scratches on the face that is very captivating and adds realism to what is happening on the screen.

But here that me confused, so this is what came heroes in the final, seemingly all over, as over, there was a moment when I almost jumped up to leave the room, and it was not the final event and the denouement lies ahead, and to be honest, in my opinion, a little too clever with the ending, but on the other hand, a certain effect of surprise played a role.

On the actors. Charlize Theron, Lorraine Broughton, of course, the beautiful Charlize did a good job, what she did during fights, just above all praise, stunning physical form, her character was bright, stylish, reckless, arrogant, think every step. James McAvoy, David Percival, the exact opposite of Lorraine his character was so “gouging” its going to the target, although reckless, he clearly Lorraine surpassed, McAvoy embodied charismatic character, which I think will be remembered accurately. Of the actors of the second plan I would like to mention John Goodman – CIA agent, Sophia Boutella — Dolphin LaSalle and bill Skarsgard – Merkel, and each of their characters played a role in what is happening.

In General, “the Explosive blonde” turned out to be quite a good action movie when viewing it is definitely not go to sleep, I can’t say that this movie will be some opening in the genre, but as a movie in which Charlize Theron has returned to the way of action heroine, which is the power of the punch is not inferior to men, so sure to pass is not worth it, especially to fans of Charlize and James of course.

New review: Explosive blonde 30.07.2017

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