New review: Explosive blonde 30.07.2017

Essentially to watch “the Explosive blonde” is necessary and possible only because of the two components in the face of Charlize Theron and James McAvoy,but it is clearly not because of hopes for a female version of “John Wick“. New picture of David Litch to his own creations with Keanu Reeves so very, very far away.

Trailer for “Atomic Blonde” promised incredible share of action in the form of fights, which is explosive and dangerous Charlize destroys anyone who dares to contact her. And to the credit of the Director it is necessary to say that such is present here. However, just for 10 minutes and only at the end. This action is limited to a couple of small collisions, and potentially interesting suit suddenly break escape of the protagonist. The rest of the time paid spyware component tape, observe which not very interesting. And it’s not in the expectations with which the audience goes to the movie. Not at all. The problem is the”Atomic blonde” in her unwanted messy, confusion and obscurity in most of these games. Who works for whom, why one does it and the other is who and how who framed and other strange things occur as you move forward in history. Unexpected turns, important to the plot, get lost in the slowness and confusion of the picture, from what are perceived as something completely not surprising. And the whole story component of the tape like a glass, which quickly stirred the contents, which the viewer is desperately trying to define. The vortex is created, and parse what’s in it and how it becomes very, very difficult.

Litcoseems to have been more interesting to admire Charlize Theron, than to do everything else. And his sin is to blame for it. Oh, that, and Charlize is still a wonderful and fascinating in his role. Give her plenty more fight scenes, where she will show, and it would be completely wonderful. James McAvoy is also very charming in his role Ala Bruce from “Dirt“. And if the viewer is only to admire them, then he obviously will leave satisfied. Plus we have here Sofia Boutella,which is needed, however, mainly only for sex scenes with the heroine Theron. And again, for it Litco to make a complaint will also be sinful. But to criticize him for the General confusion is certainly quite justified.

Of course, the tape has something to hook the viewer, in addition to nuclear Charlize and her mad Scottish colleagues. Then you and stylish image, and the good atmosphere of Berlin during the cold war, and the soundtrack sounds nice. But that’s just “the Explosive blonde” is just not enough of this explosion, not enough degree of tension and drive, which will tighten the viewer into the created vortex, but will release him out with pure adrenaline and not with questions and a sense of incoherence, as happened in the end.

New review: Explosive blonde 30.07.2017

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