New review: Explosive blonde 31.07.2017

“The explosive blonde” is very confusing in the first half of the film, especially in the beginning. Small speakers, lots of close-UPS, plenty of attributes of the “Soviet space” and the lack of music. There is a fear that it will dry spy Thriller in the style of a Cabinet of confrontation different office or some pre-obsolete picture.

Somehow the film raskochegarivaem and bedrooms and neon signs and spectacular silhouettes and lines of Charlize Theron goes to the fights and spy intrigue. Fights here paid almost the same time as in unwittingly begs the comparison “John Wick”. They are photographed in detail, long shots and savoring. And they distract attention from some tomotoshi what is happening. When a lot of words, allusions, and really did not clear and little is shown really.

The second half of the film, especially the ending, right salivate over the audience’s suffering and describes in detail shows what was happening and why. And for me, it revolutionised the film and brought him in my eyes a plus.

Finally played the way Charlize Theron, it was interesting to sort out in my head the previous events, evaluate them from a different angle, and the film began to work for themselves.

Honestly, not too many Actresses would be able confidently to pull this is not the most powerful and stylish film. But the acting weight Theron already critical enough to literally to break his forehead is not the most brilliant Director. Very correct bet on the women’s attractiveness and a movable acting instinctively.

Theron brought their way all that was possible, so it won’t look flat and purely functional. You can see how the character was sick of all these games the men’s world, where everyone considers himself the most intelligent. Personally to me it was obvious, as she contemptuously refers to the fact that it is trying to use as blunt weapons or think that she will relax and be killed.

There were already a number of heroes, unstoppable, whose promise “and in the coffin, we have seen”. In the hard world we have to be even tougher than others, not to be in the dustbin of life. Apparently, this is the meaning of such films, and I think many of those will appear in the next six months to a year.

New review: Explosive blonde 31.07.2017

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