New review: eyes wide shut 21.11.2017

First I want to say that Stanley Kubrick is one of my favorite Directors. Watched almost all of his filmography and consider him to be one of those who made the film all that I love him so much. The picture “eyes wide shut” was his last work before the premiere, which he, unfortunately, did not survive. I would not say that the film and the whole idea I understand to the end, but overall the tape I liked.

The plot of the film revolves around a married couple. Bill and Alice live the ordinary family life: raising a daughter, going to work, celebrated Christmas. But behind the facade of a perfect relationship is hidden jealousy, frustration and lust. In search of satisfaction of their secret desires bill goes a journey, after which very much will regret about the made choice.

The script is very much stretched film. The plot begins to gain momentum towards the middle of the film, written characters, powerful structure and a worthy finale.

Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman are also very pleased. Monologues Nicole Kidman very impressed, Tom cruise looked very organic, though, and the movie runs with a single facial expression. Pleased also appeared in the wonderful film Director and actor Sidney Pollack.

The main star in the films of Stanley Kubrick is Kubrick himself. Directing “eyes wide shut” — just Shine. Stylistically seen always what is the movie Kubrick. A lot of symmetry in the frame, the grotesque and interesting work with colors. The opening scene with a naked Nicole Kidman Director prepares us for the upcoming show. This film is probably the most unusual in the filmography of the great Director. Seriously, I have not seen in any film this amount of nudity. But of course she’s here for a reason. “Eyes wide shut” is a film not about lust and sex, as seem at first glance. Too obvious to Stanley Kubrick. I think the best thing this film will understand people who are married. I did not catch this very sacred meaning to the end. Just for the fact I can not put the film 10. After some time, be sure to review the picture.

The movie is strictly 18+. It is best to understand people of a more Mature age. I recommend only to fans of Kubrick’s notorious fans.

8 out of 10

New review: eyes wide shut 21.11.2017

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