New review: Fairy patrol 28.07.2016

A cartoon I did not like. The first two series have already managed to disappoint me and look no further want. Frankly, this work can only take some of your time and in return you get nothing. In the animated series we are introduced to three girls with magical abilities who come to the city “Myshkin” out of nowhere, it is unclear why and at what time. In General, they transferred to a local school, but then the questions arise: why to choose a school so far from home and where are their parents, if at all. And meet the newcomers and carry them to school I instruct local and terribly annoying girl Alenka. The girls of course made friends with the first series and decided to work together to deal with evil spirits in their “magic” town. This is the main plot, if he’s here at all.

The writers did not bother to explain anything. Even about the magic forces the main characters really didn’t say anything. It’s not that corny, it is actually unknown. It seems to be a typical magical girl, but why would someone want to watch this something, if there are many similar cartoons about the girls who made much better? Yes, in the cartoon, even no eye-catching features are not present, it is completely secondary. For example, the first episode is very reminiscent of the first episode of “Gravity falls”. Especially the antagonist is very similar. The sad part is that cartoon is silly, noisy and boring. So it was possible after all to try to come up with something fun. In the second series the plot is even sillier than the first, moreover, he is also delusional. So I was finally convinced that a third series should be skipped.

I do not want to mention the characters, as if in the cartoon they are not telling what can I say? Their names are Snowball, Masha, Varya, and Alena. And all of them are familiar to us stamps. On the background of the three stands out for Alena, she is the most energetic, silly, so annoying. Her voice delivers maximum discomfort when she speaks, and once she even rap read. I did not expect such mockery of his ears.

Everything else, it should be noted that the animation really sucks for 2016. Nice pictures of the audience too deprived. And sound snooze.

To sum up very easily: in the cartoon is not good. There were, of course, worse, but this is also not worth watching. He’s not nasty, and pointless. The creators don’t even bother no ideas to invest in it. Here to talk about. It’s a shame that we take these cartoons.

New review: Fairy patrol 28.07.2016

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