New review: Family robbery 25.06.2017

Personally, I always expect from French comedies something really good, and this genre is the type of “crime with a funny hand”, and even with Jean Reno in the title role, first struck me as just a killer. I thought I was going to laugh a lot, despite all the absurdity and unlikelihood of the actions of the characters. And how will present the plot, start the plot and motivation, I didn’t care, let it lazily, but the creators could have handled it. But in the end I got a shoddy, lazily done, or even crumpled, uninteresting and completely unnecessary film. Until recently I tried to understand and to put a picture in the “globe films”, which can be viewed once, while receiving at least some fun, and get out of my head. But with anything the creators, in my opinion, failed. I understand that without a cliché in these tapes is not enough, but it was a feeling that other films just took the pieces and did the “Family robbery”. Some scenes and events are very similar to other paintings. And well if it looked interesting and exciting, though not exactly pleasant, but here it turns out it is not like that. And its genre is Comedy — the film also fails, because then you can laugh, only used by the creators of absurdities, because of the special jokes not laugh.

The plot, as I already expressed, uninteresting and boring. But the beginning took, immediately you can understand that when all is formed, will start really good, and most importantly, entertaining movie. And then you realize that these seemed to have a good points, was only in order to pull timing, which, thank God, is one and a half hours. Personally, I’m not watching an hour of tape, I decided that enough is enough, but I thought the final fix and at least it will be exciting, with unexpected moments and good humor. And again, the filmmakers do not justify your hopes. There were a couple of “unexpected” moments that it is better to simply call “blunt”. They to anything did not lead, absolutely, because the ending of this has not changed. And the events themselves are fragmentary, which generally confuses the viewer and makes it impossible to focus on what is happening. Lost even the desire to delve into the events, because they understand that they are meaningless and not needed at all, causing confusion in the plot even is not increased. And that bit, but still prevents all this is poorly written heroes. They can’t decide what to do with each other. They are all together, dislike each other, laugh together, and that is fight and hate each other. And the Comedy is diluted by the “sudden duchessina” to the viewer to believe the characters and began to empathize with him. Nothing comes out, and all because we need to love the characters, to share with them these troubles, but they, like everything else in the film uninteresting.

The soundtrack is good. And well-known songs, and trying to push at least for some emotions the song is decent, but not for this movie. Acting no. Only REM Cerise and Camille sham deal with roles, but it spoils the scenario, and Jean Reno this is exactly the wrong role, he is sinking slowly, and these tapes only help it in this. The humor is bad. In any moments where the jokes were special, you cannot laugh, and where the creators of something is not spotted, it’s just funny because there’s nowhere to focus. The camera work is not impressed.

The film turned out bad. Despite all the shortcomings, although the picture — one major flaw, it does not get called terrible. Just with anything the creators do not guess, nothing makes you laugh and not even catchy, absolutely nothing.

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New review: Family robbery 25.06.2017

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