New review: Fantastic beasts and where they live 25.06.2017

I like almost all children of the generation of the nineties was in love with Harry Potter. This amazing franchise has become a part of our childhood. We grew up together with the heroes of books and movies, they will forever remain in our hearts. When I saw the trailer for fantastic beasts in me sprygnuli mixed feelings. On the one hand the inner child rejoiced: I will be back in the world of magic! On the other hand a fairly Mature mind protested against the assassination attempt on the Holy of holies. It is very easy to play on the nostalgic feelings of fans, but to spoil those bright impressions of childhood.

To my great surprise the film was good! Magic transported to another continent, but was no less enthralling and fascinating. The most free country, according to many, met a Magi by many restrictions. You can’t tie the knot with people who don’t have magical powers, and similar nonsense, very well reflects the current state of Affairs in racial and other conflicts.

New York attracts people all over the world 200 years from movies, TV series and books. In particular, he drew me into the innocent adolescence of the TV series “Sex in the city”. So J. K. Rowling decided to expand his magical universe to the shores of the East coast of the USA. In America, magic has found a new form, but not lost charm. All the same the waving of the wand, and objects floating in the air or heal themselves. Warm the soul with reference of the classic series, but they are few. Chills go through the body at the mention of familiar names.

Overall, I left the theater with a pleasant feeling in my soul. That’s a different story with new characters and storylines, but damn it is nice to plunge into the world of childhood and magic and feel like in another universe, where if perhaps not all, but many! Of course, I had questions in regards to a couple of plot points, but they are not significant. Also I was slightly worried about having joined a franchise of a famous actor, who is already losing ground in the world of Hollywood lately. Recommend to watch this picture as fans of the boy who lived and mere mortals who want for a while to feel yourself in the world of magic.

New review: Fantastic beasts and where they live 25.06.2017

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