New review: Fantastic beasts and where they live 29.07.2017

Like many people on this planet, I am the same person whose childhood connected with the world of Harry Potter. Like many, I read all the books and watched all the movies, so the fact another creation that is associated somehow with the world of magic, led me to the children’s delight!

Of course, my attitude at first was skeptical even, as memory was still alive (and I’m sure it will still be live) full life story of Harry. But! When I turned on the movie and heard the same song, from which something shrinks, flips and everything becomes unreal, I feel like I’m back home… After all these years… Always.

The idea is to bring us back to the beginning of the history of magic, by the time when the magical creatures had no record, when there was no textbook newt Salamander, which later will study our favorite characters is unique. See with your own eyes how the exploration of unknown magical creatures that needed to gather the necessary knowledge and indeed, to look at new York the twentieth century — it’s an amazing adventure!

I want to commend and thank David Yates for being able (with the help of the crew, of course) to keep the special atmosphere, which is inherent in all films of Harry Potter. Of course, without actors of this magical environment in General might not be (and film in General).

Eddie Redmayne in the role of newt Salamander immediately attracts the eye and evokes sympathy. The first thing I thought when I saw it on the screen: “an Englishman. A typical Englishman.” His appearance and manner fully consistent eccentric and well-mannered nature of his character. It is felt that newt knows what he wants, loves what he does and does what he likes. Watching him with interest and empathy. But sincere love and care of “our smaller brothers” touches and features to it. The fact that he was expelled from Hogwarts, for the alleged “death threat one of his Pets,” says only that this young man is full of confidence in the correctness and importance of their actions. These people remain in history and their names I know by heart.

The rest of the characters were also amazing and perfectly fit into the storyline.

I’m glad. Again, as in the childhood when learned to properly pronounce “Wingardium leviosa” when I found out who is Buckbeak, when I went with friends to the Secret room and so on, so on, so forth… This movie is once again forced to remember that magic is always with us: it’s everywhere, we need only to look better, and for this we need only say:”lyumos maxima”. And you re in this wonderful world of magic and adventure.

As Mama Ro, I can’t part with this story and its characters. So I will eagerly continue to wait. You will probably see the film about quiddich? Or will be embodied on the screen the tales of Beedle the bard?

In any case, I’ll wait.

My announcement of this film (in order to explain briefly the essence and the interest of the audience) would sound like this: “Return home, inhabited by fantastic creatures, where he created a story where everyone can become a magician. Lyumos maxima”.

10 out of 10

New review: Fantastic beasts and where they live 29.07.2017

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