New review: Fantozzi 29.07.2017

Life Fantozzi cannot be called sweet, Fantozzi — loser-accountant. Now in 2017, the year speaking accountant, a mean beautiful blue-eyed blonde (well, some). However, the “loser” does not mean that our hero has no sense of self-esteem, he is not one of those people who are cringing to their superiors, no, Ugo Fantozzi, though gets in trouble, but elegantly out of the funny situations the winner. And that, friends, is the adventure a bit infantile, but not a naive character, starting with the moment when it is found immured in the wall, while he probably dreamed of romantic adventures. Oh, accountant, Ah, yeah man. Start the tale, comrade narrator, we listen and watch simultaneously.

In “Fantozzi” in 1975, the year found a place jokes of all stripes, along with irony, sarcasm, subtle political (and sometimes thick) humor and funny antics of the beloved actor Paolo Villaggio. Add to all events occurring on the screen a little Italian temperament, poignant scenes, though in small quantity, and in the end, we have perfectly crafted Comedy from Luciano Salce. Despite the continuous dynamics and changing locations of the main characters, the narrative of the film jumps from places of action, not suffering, competent transitions, while not giving the viewer bored. In addition to the efforts of Paolo Villaggio, it is necessary to note excellent game Liu Bosisio. Her character is simultaneously naive, but not stupid, has a peculiar appearance, fit into the image of a simple housewife, sometimes detached from this world, wandering in his thoughts, plus don’t forget about the responsibilities of a loving wife.

If you lose yourself in your work, too hard, forgetting about the fun and the little joys that life can be what she turned to Mr. Samz in the novel of Franz Kafka. Another thing Fantozzi — does not lose its positive character, lively, reflective, appreciating every single moment, working tirelessly for the family, Hugo. An unpretentious story, it will find their appreciation among moviegoers and fans of Comedy with a pinch of veiled derision of all little bit of everything, including ourselves, as what is happening on the screen in some way relevant in our daily life. Such is life in the “Италнефтецементермотканефармометалхимии”.

New review: Fantozzi 29.07.2017

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