New review: fast and furious 8 05.10.2017

“Fast and furious 8” is another film in an endless series of films about Toretto and Co. Even the death of Paul Walker, who played a key role, did not stop this pipeline. And here it is, another blockbuster that promises to be the last…

I grew up on this film series, and was with her from the first part, and of course, despite all my grumbling, I couldn’t miss it, though, and failed to see in the movie.

What can you say about the eighth “fast and Furious”? It became even more spectacular, although it would seem — what could be more?.. But the eyeliner was a crucial link, a native of rain. Entertainment here is certainly not to occupy, but “fast and furious 8” has already become a soulless beskorovainiy film that completely lost the whole idea of the first parts. No one has a family atmosphere and warmth. It feels like she went out with Paul Walker and his character. And Yes, I was not pleased how they explained the absence of Brian in the movie! No, seriously, it is up to Brian and MIA would not come the rumors that Dominic ‘s hanging out with a dangerous woman and destroyed half of new York? Surely he would be left behind after everything they’ve been through? And wanted to shout: “NO way!”. Yes, I certainly understand that nobody can return of Paul Walker , but it would be possible to bring Brian from the franchise, for example, staged his death and to put an end to his storyline. Yes, in the seventh film, they took him finally to nice to say goodbye to the Floor, and with his character, but they are not the rest of the franchise to keep mourning? Brian it’s time to rest. The only explanation that creeps into my skull that the producers want more time to squeeze the juice out of this character by the brothers Walker and hope that it will not. But this is not the only problem…

The first thing I started to turn up is that in less than five minutes of time, as the hero of Diesel already started your pathetic delusions. My patameter were running high on all scales, that already jaw drove from the grandiloquence of the speeches of Domenica.

The second is that logic and justify the movie went down the drain — about the laws of physics say nothing… the Seventh part, too, this sin, but there is already a full paragraph. For the sake of entertainment they absolutely from mind poshodili. Don’t know what will happen in the”fast and Furious 9″, but at this rate they only drive on the Rovers for Zidlicky plain. Besides, in relation to the storyline of domenika in this film and the main reason for all this circus (will not go into detail to avoid spoilers), then they are too exaggerated motivation Toretto. Yes, “family is everything” and blah-blah-blah, but it all somehow sucked from the finger.

Third, what upset me — they merged the two great antagonists and turned them into buffoons. Talking about brothers Show. I was very jarred with the fact that they so quickly became friends with the protagonists! And anything that Deckard killed Khan? And in the battle with Owen killed Giselle? Or their brotherly relations don’t apply to friends after their death? The previous two films were dedicated to the struggle Toretto and Co. brothers Show, and then I look and they have “blood”. Of course, I was amused interaction Hobbs and Deckard, and the phrase “I’ll beat you like a Cherokee drum!” — made my day, but still sad. Yes, I was thrilled to see my two favorite actors, Luke Evans and Jason Statema, but as antagonists they looked much better.

As for the rest of the cast, then VIN Diesel is here looked quite tired and dull. He was not impressed, though the timing got to him. In tandem with Walker , they looked great, but in this film, the Rock and Statham drew all attention to himself. Michelle Rodriguez was annoying to gnashing of teeth. For all eight films I saw in her there is no plot development (even in spite of line with amnesia) is one and the same mine. Elsa Pataky in three parts looked much more cheerful and loved by a lot more (although the screen time she had even less) than Rodriguez for the entire franchise. Honestly, would be better if it did not return. Tyrese Gibson still tirelessly “clonecam”, but he’s always beautiful pull a major share of humor for yourself. The rest of the “old guard” is also irresistible. Only Nathalie Emmanuel and Scott Eastwood look quite so pale against the rest. And if the hero of Eastwood’s practically not revealed, Emmanuel for the second film is neither fish nor fowl… And that’s the main antagonisti series divine. That’s just bohica. Charlize Theron played one of the most powerful antagonists in the entire series. Her character was a genuine admiration on the one hand and hostility on the other. It attracted attention, and if not for Cypher, the film is very much merged.

In the end, “fast and furious 8”, though spectacular, and copes with its main task — to entertain the viewer, but this is not the… This is not the “fast and furious”, which is loved by many moviegoers who have grown up with this story — it is the atmosphere inherent in the previous paintings. This film is a conventional blockbuster, which will go well a couple of times with popcorn, but no more. It has caused very mixed feelings.

6 out of 10

PS by the Way, this is the first film in the series, whose soundtrack I was not impressed.

New review: fast and furious 8 05.10.2017

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