New review: fast and furious 8 09.06.2017

Knowing that this part of “fast and Furious” will find its audience, I want to remember how it all began? Yes, of course, the film is breathtaking, I was worried and jumped on a chair, all very epic and beautiful, and a tear here… but screw. Lost sensation the cult movie. Disappeared this magic, after which everyone was obsessed with cool cars and fast driving. Was street racing, has been tuning cars. What the first fast and furious was a youth picture that really cling!

Now it has become, roughly speaking, nonsense. You kind of can’t see, but you want. Interestingly, what happens with the characters you already know so well. But turn on a movie and get a dose of silly, unfinished dialogues, hack writer and poor editing. With it and the special effects in this film… well guys, are you serious?! If the tape is watched, it would not be noticeable, but now everyone is super resolution. In General, it seems like playing a video game. Graphics + dialogue where they will tell you anything you need to know and will fix a handful of “Kachkovsky” humor.

Hobbes is, generally, the car. I think in 20 the film really turns out that he’s a cyborg. Because the movies still are! The good become bad, then good, then bad. In General in this film, mixed wild cocktail and get a fairy tale. If the first part is real life, the latter is a fairy tale. About brutal men. I think the only way it is possible to look.

In General, after viewing the remains the finish of deceit and resentment. After all, we decided to show the continuation “of the Iconic fast and the Furious” and the money they first spent on the film, then it is earned. Generally even hard to evaluate.

4 out of 10

And only for past services.

New review: fast and furious 8 09.06.2017

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