New review: fast and furious 8 10.06.2017

F. Gary gray rode on horseback into the world of the smash-hit movie after “Voice of the streets.” Not even on horseback, and, in our case, for the exclusive convertible. Gray was given the part to attach to one of the most successful franchises of our time. How big is the series “fast and Furious”? Total fees of almost $ 4 billion; shattering the record of 7-th part with fees of 1.5 billion. Of course, there are franchises and more, but the movie series “fast and furious” found the perfect mix of bravado, attraction, absurd actions and, of course, the emphasis on “family”. It took 5 films to find this path, because some of the films, for example, the second and fourth movements, was controversial. Regardless of reviews, opinions, critics and audience rating, this series is still too large to just up and fail. “Furious 7”, in my opinion, was the first sign of the beginning of a quality drop. “Fast and furious 8” continues this trend. Slightly, almost imperceptibly, but still continues. The film is seemingly shot not for the public, and for some critics from the Internet.

The plot of “fast and Furious 8” before the premiere attracted attention. Partly because the anti-hero Dominic Toretto had been elevated to the status of a Holy superhero. He’s like James bond, filled with machismo, or Batman without a costume. Thus, a plot in which the Central twist is a betrayal of Dominic and his friends, initially felt as a cynical move. Not so simple: Dominic committed treason under the influence of the villain Cypher (Charlize Theron). To fight with Dominic gather his old team with the antagonist of the last part Deckard (Statham) and the first performed by Scott Eastwood. Everything else is quite in the spirit of “fast and Furious” — the spacing of new York, chase in the ice in the heart of the Russian military base (why not?) etc.

The plot of to criticize as you do not want. He is stupid to madness, but that was the idea. Of course, it’s funny to see how much the franchise has moved away from street racing to the side of international espionage and war games. However, even by the standards of the genre the narrative this time, it was awkward. Some passages are quite awkward — like in the middle of the shooting process in Berlin, the Director changed his mind and decided that it was time to speed up annoying dialogs, and the exposure and start shooting, for example, in new York.

Action went just perfect; it’s probably one of the most intense of action movies lately. One of the best car chases in the film takes place in Manhattan, when the wily hackers remotely manage hundreds of cars. Drivers in panic, people screaming and run away and morph into strange zombie swarm. Violence in the film is almost there, the jokes are friendly and focused more on teenagers. What is remarkable is the almost complete lack of musical accompaniment in the film.

As for newcomers, added in the acting team of “fast & Furious” … Personally, I think that the case when in the movie universe uncontrollably start to add new characters, demonstrates the lack of ideas. Of course, and Scott Eastwood in the role of “overly serious agent” and even Helen Mirren in cameo organic look, but at the same time, increase the degree of frivolity.

It is tempting to blame the relative failure of this film is undervalued by the loss of Paul Walker or the new Director. The film is shot well, but considering the fact that gray previously directed (“voice of the streets” and “law Abiding citizen”), there is a suspicion about the lack of emotional connection of the Director with his baby. But we should recognize that at least gray was here “purely for hire”, the spectacle works. Sometimes, of course, mindless action is the only thing that can boast of the film. I think there is such a case. Add interesting dialogue, to focus on something interesting in the moments when the cars explode, and get Thriller for the ages. And yet… well, in the final moment of the film most clearly: “fast and furious” didn’t just lose the sense of reason itself, and even ceased its efforts to this feeling of something to replace it. The pace of the action “the fast and the Furious 10” will unfold on the moon.

6 out of 10

New review: fast and furious 8 10.06.2017

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