New review: Fearless 13.08.2017

Sometimes a man needs to stop, look back, ask yourself — at what stage of the life path I turned onto the path that led me to this moment, in these circumstances? If it were possible to rewind the film of life ago, I turned to her again or would you go another path?

“Always ask questions, doubt” — answers this question in the main character of the series Fearless, the infamous lawyer Emma Benwell. In other words, before you commit any act, make a decision, stop, think, get out of your narrow shell of Outlook, find the hidden circumstances of the case. She did so during his youth — and probably the history, which tells us the show wouldn’t have happened.

Another question raised by the show writers — is it worth it to seek the truth, if the path search will have to cause grief and suffering to others? Do I need to stir up a hornet’s hive, when all are satisfied? The problem is that the answer to this question echoes the answer to the first question above. Emma catches Banwell in fact, in the last fight in his professional career, simply because in another way, it can not or can not. “Are you ready to destroy their lives as well?” — ask her. “What’s legal ethics?” “Screw the ethics, when you need to know about Linda!” — is the answer Banwell. On the way to the truth she could do nothing. Was it worth acting like this, this question the creators of the series left open.

The show tension something reminded me of the TV series “homeland” there’s something in common between them, in particular the nature of the main characters. Again, it’s a British series, so fans of the British pronunciation you will find in it an outlet.

8 out of 10

New review: Fearless 13.08.2017

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