New review: Films from hell 27.07.2016

This picture is the language version of the Blair Witch project”. But the main problem is not outright imitation, and in that time of horror first person had long since passed. The viewer is not surprised, just goes to emphasize their inexperience.

Screenwriting film almost remained the same with only one difference — the kids are going to drink, beat up on the “blue” case Granny, which they immediately his senile curse sent closer to nature. That is, the language, the mentality is the plot, and then the familiar wandering through the endless forest, a forest like can not be called. People wander, run, sit, and again in a way. And all this to the accompaniment of mock whining and shaking the camera.

Note that sometimes, albeit all a couple of times, but I became scary, but disgusting, for lack of a better word, mediocre acting flow kills the atmosphere. Yet they are silent and stupid busybodies the viewer has the possibility to tune, for example to turn off the lights, put on your headphones, stretch memory and to remember the good old “Blair Witch”, but once you open your mouth or take close-UPS of fizi heroes is just a pity his time. Finally to finish off the interest of the audience is called evil in the white dress and the sweet throat.

The film won’t be recommended viewing, it’s too obvious trash in all its cinematic manifestations. Don’t waste your time.

New review: Films from hell 27.07.2016

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