New review: For a few dollars more 11.10.2017

In the film career of the founder of the genre, or at least the most brilliant representative of the subgenre of “spaghetti westerns” of Sergio Leone, there are only nine pictures, but almost all of them have become classics of cinema, and his so-called “dollar trilogy”, consisting of films “a fistful of dollars” (1964), “For a few dollars more” (1965) and “the Good, the bad and the ugly” (1966), have become an accepted masterpiece. Trilogy was filmed in Spain by the efforts of the Italian filmmakers, so the Americans probably still hurt that cult movies and even in native American genre born in Europe.

The second film of the trilogy “For a few dollars more” in fact came out the same year as its predecessor “a fistful of dollars”, but shooting the first film had begun a year earlier. Here it is necessary to warn potential viewers, putting and highlighting the fact that the whole trilogy between them, of course, related, but not in terms of plot, straight lines between the paintings there, especially between characters, even characters of Clint Eastwood everywhere who played a major role-identical, but they are located in different plot outline and functionality are different, so that all three films can be seen as individual stories.

But the main difference between “For a few dollars more” from “fistful of dollars” can be considered the emergence of “bad”. That is, in the first film, there is only “good” and this, as You know, the hero of Clint Eastwood, and the second appeared Lee van Cleef (probably a clear reference to the final tape of the trilogy where there will be “evil”). The actor remembered his audience with a performance of different kinds of villains. Even on the tombstone Lee van Cleef stated “the best of „bad“”. But in fairness it should be noted that in “For a few dollars more” hero van Cleef movable in a respectful impulse he hastens to avenge the treacherous bandit Indio for the honor and the death of his sister, so he nominally “good”, like Clint Eastwood, and both of their character — GUNFIGHTER (“headhunters”).

Lee van Cleef delightfully broke into “dollar trilogy”, even his swarthy complexion was a lot of help because one look at him was enough to understand that he turned black from the radiant sun of the prairies of the Wild West, fire and gunpowder guns, from the hot desert wind. Well disclosed and the drama of his character, when counting hours of flashback shows the story of his sister. And just as this story adds points to the rascal character of Gian Maria Volonte, who played the villain Indio. Volonte played in “a fistful of dollars”, but, You guessed it, there he was with a different character (although it should be called “bad” in both pictures). This Indio already unpleasant cramp punches: he laughs for no reason then sits bezditko, holding the hands of the clock. That such a person expect? When he next drew his gun? In General, creepy and scary antagonist awaits us in “For a few dollars more” one of the most important Italian actors of his time.

“Well, what about Clint Eastwood?” — You will ask. And he is again brilliant acting. Generally, Eastwood’s career in film began with the role of a cowboy in the series, then had a few feature films, but the main role of Eastwood was not, however, on joy in Europe began the era of “spaghetti westerns,” and thus the world gained one of the most charismatic and brutal actors in the history of art cinema, it a true “icon”. In “For a few dollars more” had a new individual trait: almost everything he does with his left hand, whether it’s drinking whisky or holding the bridle of the horse, or even involved in the fight because his right hand he kept hidden under the poncho, holding the handle of the gun, ready to snatch him at any moment. Such a person always need to be on guard, and his reticence, the constant cigar in his teeth, composure and steadfastness in his movements, mannerisms and even the look — all this has transformed the image of Clint Eastwood in undeniable and unsurpassed ideal of the man of the Wild West era.

Canonical “spaghetti Western”, as, in General, and the whole “dollar trilogy”. To this day “For a few dollars more” looks like a real model who does not want to skip ahead yourself and other representatives of the genre. Of course, after all these words it would seem that the only correct assessment should be the highest, but don’t blame me, I am taking one point, just because there’s another film from the “dollar trilogy”, which I liked a little bit more, so for me personally, “For a few dollars more” was not all performed at the highest level.

9 out of 10

PS: Sergio Leone returned to the screens Lee van Cleef when he began to sleep. Well, this merit, in my opinion, not much less worth than the creation of the masterpieces of cinema.

P. P. S.: by the Way, in all three parts of the “dollar trilogy” starred a few people who are then recognized as masters of the “spaghetti westerns”, for example, one of these was a stuntman Benito Stefanelli, who helped Clint Eastwood to overcome the language barrier.

New review: For a few dollars more 11.10.2017

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