New review: For Marx… 27.07.2017

I’ve been waiting for this movie. Svetlana Baskov one of the best Directors of our time who gained true national fame with his movie “Green Elephant”. Nevertheless, “For Marx” is the first truly “adult” film Baskova.

In the courtyard of the 2008 crisis in the center of the plot curving Soviet factory. On the one hand proletarian poor people, and on the other side snickering bourgeoisie. Of course, you can say that it is to some extent a social movie as the “Green elephant” and “Five bottles of vodka”, but “For Marx…” even judging from the name it is still left movie main theme of which is the class struggle. There is also a social criticism of the left. Do you know that the film was a hundred percent filmed by Svetlana, because clearly there is the influence of Osmolovsky, which replaced Mavromatti in a creative Alliance with Baskova. Especially during intellectual monologues (taken on Brecht). So so loved thrash in the film we will not see. But see tandem Pakhomov-Epifantsev. Which still represents different strata of society.

Vladimir Epifantsev (the bourgeoisie) — Epifantsev plays a grotesque snickering master capitalist. Lordly aspect is that the factory he inherited from prihvatizirovat his father (played by Victor Sergacheva), which received the plant as baksheesh for treason putsch. Character epifantseva hurts all the sores depraved excesses and power of man. What is his fascination with modern art on the background of poverty the simple hard workers and phone his humorous monologues. Cynicism. Yes. Sassy cynicism is the most noticeable trait of his appearance. Do yourself a capitalist, this is the evolution of the image of the gangster from the movie “Five bottles of vodka”. In which the bandit Epifantsev represented the beginning of Russia 90styh. And the next step in the evolution of this gangster-capitalist one will be official. Official. Power. The power that cynically and blatantly trying to merge protest the poor hard workers of factory “Russia”. Such a parallel is obvious. Especially considering that the release of the film coincided with protest activity. And on top of that the character epifantseva represents the bourgeois class came to power after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Sergey Pakhomov (the proletariat) — Groin again answerable for the whole Russian people. Groin this is such a simple rustic peasant, a farmer who was squeezed out in the city by the Soviet authorities. With one hand he carries a Russian pagan beginning, and on the other hand the Soviet, the red start (not Orthodox). Groin is not even Russian people and the Soviet people, the Soviet people. Robbed, slandered, thrown into poverty, their lack of understanding of capitalism. The Soviet man, who is dying in the bourgeois world, and creates for himself such reserves as the plant. Only Soviet reserves he might still somehow survive. While factory life sanctuary are endemic to the mocking looks so journalistic that even may seem (I personally thought) such a caustic form of banter. All these film clubs, competitions, drawing of posters, debates about the historical fate of the country during a meeting of the trade Union, the monologues about the movie (a poor actor was not able to reproduce the brilliant thoughts Osmolovsky and had to write it) and most importantly almost literary language, what workers say in opposition to criminal swearing of the bourgeoisie.

Separately want to note the images working in the film. A homeless-looking doorman’s 10 out of 10. No comment. Nailed Russian peasant. And the Marxist in a yellow sweater resembling the provincial teacher sharashka. And Groin in his jacket and coat. And the atmosphere of dullness and gloom. Well, it does not mention trailers for the film with lyrics by Dmitry Pimenov. I’m just fucking around on the trailer where his Groin buried in snow.

Finally I want to say that this film was remastered and likely to have been remastered and the ending of the film. In General, in the dispute of the bourgeoisie with the proletariat, the Director unequivocally behind the workers. Especially given the attempts to describe in detail the overflowing process and all that. But the question is whether the plant Manager and working as one people remains open.

10 out of 10.

For centuries.

New review: For Marx… 27.07.2017

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