New review: for once in my life 27.09.2017

How long do I put off viewing this film, coming up with a million excuses: I keira Knightley does not like, the mood is not confused with the presence of soloist Maroon 5 in the band — and so it went I do not remember how many years, and so it was forgotten. Forgotten why you do not want to watch, so much so that even the picture of the eye less than are films of Corbijn. And even the fact that the author of this work — John Carney also could not help. And so, stomping home after working polygrapholog vigil, staring at the sky and birds Sing from Up under the Street, I unexpectedly came the thought: “what if…” Yes, it was a damn right decision! John Carney knows how to make films-tales, after which becomes warm as the hot Cup of cocoa. Such films forgive any gaps. What’s there to forgive, they did not notice!

In this film, everything is so harmonious and in its place, every detail, every word, every look — everything sounds and sings. And what a beautiful voice Knightley, it turns out. The spirit of new York and of the music of the film is so well sang, becoming a backdrop for the drama, which in the second half of the film is relegated to the background, replaced by the fact that blossomed on her ghostly land. In the movies Carney there is always a human understanding, devoid of platitudes and trite phrases — simple understanding which can, and his characters it is always possible to Express one opinion or one chord. Good that white band flowing through the whole movie, in the end taking real shape — warmth and inspiration.

I don’t think this surge of emotion can be considered a review, but if you want lightness, inspiration and music for the soul, then you definitely here.

New review: for once in my life 27.09.2017

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