New review: Fortress: shield and sword 30.07.2016

Modern cartoon weird. Basically it is a moronic parody of heroes or other fantasy characters. Really funny and interesting at first, now sinking into modern realities, rather in the dirty modern realities.

But there are nuggets. Brilliant that do not beat around the ears or eyes, but directly into the soul. This was Prince Vladimir.

And now this here. In fact, it is a very childish version of Prince (not the plot, but in spirit). Hence, all the flaws, but here are the pros. The younger generation also need to be educated. Where characters are too pronounced either good or bad, where the political order is to hang around the white ears on the screen the child will see, but rather get a feel for what you need. Homeland, heroism. Great shows the stupidity of ordinary people who believe any, the most foolish fables (Hello liberals). Shown are the boyars, read officials. In such simple, clear and well inscribed in the plot of things and should be formed normal little Russian.

Created Fortress also, the Mill went through the Heroes. The same stupid movements, simulated emotions with Hollywood smiles and miserable panache of all living things. While just a masterpiece panache all, without exception, backgrounds and items! Gorgeous backgrounds and a typically caricatured all live hurt the eyes, but do not forget that a cartoon for children. For adults there is Prince Vladimir.

The story is good, but still children. Adult, for example, will immediately know who the traitor is. But it carries even adults. And so tears at the end Holy. The ending is beautifully done and reminiscent of the brilliant old real cartoons about heroes, princes, and how Russia from enemies protected.

Great music. The melody, however, one (so it seems at least) and not always to the place, but really good. And where to place… ugh!

There is humor, there is drama, there are epic moments, there are sad and have heroic. A lot of things involved, I must say, very good.

Have already stretched hand to put the 9 (minus the childishness, if done seriously, it made me much stronger), but during the credits for some reason sounded stupid turnip.

By the way, another big plus of going without glasses. You can safely, without fear to break them, to do “hand-face”. Long dreamed of, but here such an occasion. From chinchilla slap even woke up.

Then I thought that the frame was not of the churches, and the cross was one traitor. It shouldn’t be, all the same, though Orthodoxy was imposed on us from outside, however stuck so that was the most sincere and pure form of Christianity. It is impossible to forget.

8 out of 10

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New review: Fortress: shield and sword 30.07.2016

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