New review: Four against the Bank 30.07.2017

New premiere from the legendary Director of “Troy”, “Submarine”, “the Perfect storm” and many other wonderful paintings. Even in old age talented person does not cease to please their fans with new projects. This time we call to witness the German criminal Comedy about Bank robbers who are left without livelihood because of the actions of one repulsive banker. People who previously did not know each other, have to join forces to get their money back and to punish dishonest rich.

Just want to warn you that the beginning of the film many people may strongly dislike, as directed, trying to focus the story in Comedy, out of nowhere did humor, which is absolutely unfunny, stupid and sometimes even retarded. Not being expert on comedies, directed stupidly sucked the Comedy out of your head. The actors grimacing, have made stupid and unnecessary extra movement and much more, that may be a little disappointing when you view. Although, of course, there are people who have it really like. Here is a matter of taste, of course. But as for me, so the writers could not pull the history on this substantial plot with a good sense of humor, so the beginning of the film can be called a complete failure. But just want to warn that we should not act rashly, or to put on the movie the cross. If you forgive a weak plot, you’ll get a good bulk of the film and a great ending.

In the world of cinema Bank robberies has removed hundreds if not thousands of filmmakers, so it’s hard to surprise new. If you like such stories, then this is your movie, if such subject is alien to you — better to pass, because the main part will be the preparation of the plan, the development of escape routes and so on. And what is most interesting, because the robbery would not be the most important element of the plot. The film will be followed by a sequel with even more spin and the dynamics of the narrative. Not to say that this robbery is the best thing I’ve seen in the movies, but look quite possible that the robbers are not professionals, but quite ordinary people.

If you remove all the antics of the actors, we get a decent ensemble, which is pleasant to contemplate on the screen. As for the statement overall, I am sure that the Director did everything possible within the budget, and he, by the way, was not too large.

Summarizing, I can say that despite the complete failure of the beginning of the film, the overall look is nice, fun and exciting. Personally, I had a lot of fun watching them and don’t regret it. A good movie for evening viewing in to

7 out of 10

New review: Four against the Bank 30.07.2017

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