New review: Four American composer 05.10.2017

In those days, when the term “cultural archiving” was not yet in fashion, Peter Greenaway has already done a great thing by removing this film. That is, we get a wonderful opportunity to see the “reality” of four composers, who gave the tribute to the classics of experimental in its various forms. This eternal storyteller cage, and monumental tautological in its minimalism of glass and practices in plasticheskih the vocals monk, and conceptual collage Ashley. Needless to say, every part is made in the manner, subject and personality of the composer and his creations.

Note that the term classic should not be discouraged and configured in the usual way. None of the protagonists of the film on conventional classic does not like. The idea of contemporary classics starts with the author, not precedes it. In this sense, seems to be the most important series of the Cage and not because he is the most famous in this movie, but because each of his work, revising and reflective look, and the receptive act that is a continuation of a fundamental dispute with the category of the readers ‘ expectations, so we are forced to rebuild their facilities and to come to the new version of transcription occurring. Cage — Proteus, eluding us and sliding a few moments of complete silence that decentralized cacophony specific music.

We can say that for all the diversity of authors, the film finds them hereditary trait of the avant-garde, his polimerinvest. Therefore, it is meaningless to call it a film, a film-concert, as in many annotations. It’s a film performance, film performance, obgovarivali terms of performance, but he is such. No matter how conspicuous the signs of post-modern musical textures, themselves the basic outlines of polymerisate cry in the beginning of the century, the show reached shining tops, thanks to more developed technology.

Hence, a key aspect of the film. We see not only the musical facts, we are available to autoreference, author comment. But that’s not all. It would be a truism to talk about the importance of music in the films of Greenaway, it’s clear that this is one of the most thoughtful music Directors, so to speak. So his film paraboliche in relation to the internal form of kinofestivalya, by means of music, he says that art, which Greenaway devoted not less than wholeheartedly and passionately, as composers, dedicated to his art, in his film.

8 out of 10

New review: Four American composer 05.10.2017

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