New review: Frankenstein 06.10.2017

1816-the first year was nicknamed the “Year without summer” because it was an extremely wet and cold. And on the shore of lake Geneva, lived two creative families, among whom were Lord Byron and the novelist Mary Shelley. Their long night conversations about things and harsh weather that year eventually led to the creation of Mary Shelley’s novel (later it turned into a novel at the insistence of the husband of the writer) about a young brilliant scientist who used alchemical and occult knowledge along with the latest developments in electrical engineering and has created a “Creature” monster, assembled from nonliving matter and then converted to life. The scientist is so afraid of his creation that he regretted his experiment, but all the troubles of Victor Frankenstein was the name of a scientist — was yet to come…

To date, various versions and interpretations about the of Victor Frankenstein and his Creation have more than 70 (!). The most famous adaptation is considered a classic film in 1931, the year Director James Whale with Boris Karloff in the title role. And in 1994, the year the British theatre and film Director Kenneth Branagh decided to release their own version of “Frankenstein”. The original title of the film sounds like “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”, that is “Frankenstein Mary Shelley”, thereby Branagh stressed that his interpretation is closest to the literary source. Bran knew what to do with the novel, when they came to film it, because in the theater it made the beloved playwright, William Shakespeare, and then it still endured. Why not do the same with the “Frankenstein”? No obstacles!

To my great disappointment in your movie year “Frankenstein” by Kenneth Branagh was nominated for only one Oscar for best makeup. But if you look under the prism of the current cinema, I would without a shadow of doubt would have given the nomination also for best costumes and decorations, but still would for best adapted screenplay. Here and so no holds barred! I personally won how bran demonstrates that era, when a talented scientist pored over his Creation. All had taste, scale, sophistication, the ability to present every detail to the audience clearly felt in that time in that place, with those people. The scale and grandeur literally in each frame, the details, the nuance is really great work and the great merit of Kenneth Branagh.

As for the makeup, then it is necessary to give due to the fact as masters of their craft have had a good Robert De Niro. This famous actor got the role (Branagh insisted that the film Creation is not called a monster). Redrawn face, sewn from pieces of cloth with eye-catching seams is something frightening and repulsive, but other than that the Creature also has awkward limbs, and growth simply did not match the length of other body parts, in General an anatomical freak, but it is exactly the same we bring to the Creation of Victor Frankenstein. The Robert De Niro was nominated for the award “Saturn” for best actor and this, I must say, well-deserved, because in his incarnation and on the idea of Kenneth Branagh (incidentally, the latter wrote the script with Frank Darabont, known for the productions of “the Shawshank redemption” and “the Green mile” by Stephen king) shows the transition from good to bad: people immediately hated the Creature, and he stayed to help them, and then horrified him and fled, leaving him alone. The creature held a grudge, and when more and learned the secret of his origin and the attitude of its Creator, to stop the evil escape was impossible. So who is to blame for the fact that the Being became heartless killer? It’s the same people?

Do not bypass the attention and the other actors. Kenneth Branagh himself played the role of Victor Frankenstein and performed it confidently and strongly, passing all the sensuality of his character, his desire to help humanity, then fear, after all, he encroached on the sacred, what not under force to any forces of nature and even God does not create miracles now, and Victor Frankestein tried to become the Savior and miracle worker, that rebelled against him the Higher power, severely punished for his arrogance. Brilliant gave your character and Helena Bonham Carter (after filming, the actress and Director continued their romance, but the novel is quite quickly exhausted). Its got the role of the beloved Victor and she with all my heart loved it, but the whole romantic drama of the situation is overshadowed by one scene… Which I will not say, because it’s better to see than hear a hundred times (that is, read).

Overall, I was very pleased with what he saw. In addition to the beautiful style of the film, the beautiful game of actors, I also enjoyed a surprisingly crisp and harmonious style, in which characters are saying. Understand what the lion’s credit to the Creator of Victor Frankenstein and the Creature — Mary Shelley — but the actors so skillfully, so subtly convey all the nuances of the emotional state, which is directly heard as if you played your favourite song. In my opinion, well deserved:

9 out of 10

New review: Frankenstein 06.10.2017

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