New review: freedom Writers 28.09.2017

While watching, for almost the entire movie, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I could not believe that people can be so Great. My heart was beating very often, from a sense of respect for the heroine, Hilary Swank. So it struck me that by the middle of the movie, I was ready for it all. Honestly, if I met such a person, I would have him gave his life. It is difficult to Express the delight that I experienced while watching this film. I really want to share it with you, I dream about that all of you knew about it!

If there is a movie that can change us, our world, — that he is in this movie! The energy that makes up every frame of this story, will penetrate the dark places of our mind, our soul. While browsing inside, we will launch an irreversible process, the inevitable changes. This film is a cure that will help from any, even the most terrible disease. If you feel any symptoms, even minor ones, will see this film. If you believe that terminally ill, and nothing will not help you, — go and see this film and you will change your mind.

Know what distinguishes this film from similar? It is foolish to hide the fact that there are enough similar stories, which operate on the same principle, in order to obtain the approval of the audience. But this film is not only a flawless script and a quality production, but also the excellent cast. Everyone who took part in the film, is perfectly fulfilled its role. It’s hard to imagine, but in this film, there are not only disadvantages, no — one, even the slightest mistake. He’s perfect in everything.

After these films, we understand that cinema is the best art form. Of all the virtues which are not listed. Movie broadens the mind, increases the education of man, helps him to develop as a person. This is the kind of art that is a synthesis of literature, visual arts, theatre and music. A lot of movies you know, after seeing that, you would like all this to write down to remind yourself? I would really like that this film is watched by every person on the planet. But most of all, I dream that you liked it, also as me.

10 out of 10

New review: freedom Writers 28.09.2017

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