New review: French 11.10.2017

All the stories of “Cinderella” is remarkable because, firstly, it is absolutely implausible, and secondly, insanely attractive to readers (viewers).

Once implausible, is very vulnerable to possible criticism. But here, sitting in the new year’s eve in front of the TV a single woman. She is with Metropolitan higher education (maybe not with the capital and not higher), but is mired in a provincial country town. She considers herself beautiful, smart, and most importantly — a very sincere (and maybe is, maybe not). And all doubts against the very real the boyfriend, conditional driver-trucker

And how pleasant this new year’s eve to dream that somewhere beyond the wall, on a snowy street knocks Prince charming. That is, literally, a lone, cold, drunk, in the flaw.. . foreign millionaire, owner of a noble castle, friend of the Prime Minister of France, and even (here is impossible to believe) best friend of Gerard Depardieu!

Well, Yes, of course, any Russian tourists (not a millionaire and not the owner of the castle), going on holiday to Turkey or Spain, can be sure that the resort is waiting for him a room in the hotel, and the airport English-speaking guide, which you need translated, and a bus that will take you where you want. And, of course, most foreigners looking for Russian wife correspondence, are in fact, if not physical, then moral monsters, which is no accident at Home and are unable to find a life partner!

But let’s not deprive the appreciative audience the opportunity to dream about what could be. Or quietly mourn that once could be, but never will be. And let’s not “throw stones” in this touching film. He has his own audience. And for its adequate perception you need a special mood. And then it turns out that the film, in principle, not so bad!

New review: French 11.10.2017

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