New review: From hell 28.07.2017

Whole year Director Scott Cooper waited until a bale to film starring only him. There is not a very good movie with bale, but this movie is just a masterpiece and the game of Christian, and the plot in principle.

In the movie there are stars on the game which is nice to see is woody Harrelson and Casey Affleck. Woody here is very atypical, it seems to me that role. He plays a bad guy, really bad. And usually see him only in Comedy. Casey often chooses serious movies, not that Ben. So he was waiting for something like this. But anyway his character is that remember for a long time. Very much!

The story itself is a tragedy. Moreover, a cautionary tragedy. The lives of ordinary people of an average American town. The story of two brothers who are very different, so their fates are formed this way.

About very much, I changed my mind, watching how they behave in those circumstances that throws them a life. The film with the kids to watch in any case it is impossible, but with teenagers, I think it is.

New review: From hell 28.07.2017

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