New review: furious 10.06.2017

Furious largely turned brighter and more dynamic film than its predecessor. In the center of the story is already familiar from the first part of Brian O’connor who, after the events of the first movie is hiding from the authorities in Sunny Miami. However, the past still catches up with Brian as his ex-boss, who offers our hero in exchange for “whitewash” the reputation of a dangerous job, which the staff quite simply can not cope. Of course, Brian agrees to the gig, but only on the condition that his partner will be an old friend, Roman Pearce.

It is worth noting that the narrative of the film is excellent, the plot really interesting to follow, the story does not SAG, no frankly boring moments, in General, a “furious” turned out to be head and shoulders above its predecessor. The race also became more dynamic, much better convey a sense of speed, and in General all action more spectacular, which is understandable, because the budget at this time in twice the amount allocated to the original painting.

The characters are also encouraging. In addition to brown, who was finally able to open up in all its glory and to plunge into the atmosphere of street racing, unfettered police badge, it should be noted his friend’s Novel, which is the main generator of humor in the film, Monica performed as always charming Eva Mendes, which is just a pleasure to watch, and the local villain — Carter — good in General for this kind of film.

In General, the “furious” is largely a lighter film than the first part, more spontaneous and frivolous, but it all went picture only benefit.

8 out of 10

New review: furious 10.06.2017

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